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Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

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  • Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

    So this new restaurant is opening; I checked out their website ( and it seems intriguing. It is a franchise chain, but there doesn't seem to be more than a handful of locations, and they're spread out all over the country.
    The concept is interesting. It's a "fast-casual" type sit down place, and seems to be an Americanized riff on the mongolian BBQ method, with the stirfry bowls that you fill yourself, and then have a fry cook fry them up for you on a giant grill.
    Don't know what prices will be like yet. They also have a full bar with cocktails, and serve desserts and such.
    I think the name's kind of a funny name for a grill.
    Anyone tried this restaurant in one of their other locations? Or just check out the restaurant and share your thoughts? I'm kind of excited about it; it seems affordable, and like a little something different than the big chains or the cheap diners around.
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    Re: Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

    This is similar to

    Great Khans

    which you find at almost every mall.
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      Re: Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

      went to the one in Taho in Feb and loved it. I love mongolian BBQ, but its so much more, w/ all there sauces and meat selections. I asked if they had any type of bread and t he brought me Tortillas!!!!! I eat everything w/ tortillas!

      I really enjoyed this place, but it is a little loud.
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        Re: Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

        There used to be one in my hometown of Livermore, CA. I went there once with an old friend before it shut down.

        My impressions:

        Food selection was nice, as was the sauce selection. It was VERY loud in the restaurant. Not cheap, but not too expensive. At least you could do all you can eat. (Which is something all the Mongolian places here in the Sac area are moving away from, and charging 9 bucks a bowl.)

        Drinks were over-priced and the bartender didn't seem to really know her stuff. My margarita seemed to be 90% mix, 5% booze and 5% water. Not very good.

        If you have never done Mongolian BBQ I would check it out. However if you have a very good Mongolian BBQ place near you that you like, one may be a little disappointed.


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          Re: Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

          I didn't know they had opened a few more locations, they got started nearby in Harvard Square. Great restaurant, I have been to the Cambridge (original location) Boston and Providence locations and never been disappointed. Hopefully you all will have the same experiences there. The combinations you can create are endless and every meal I ever had there was fantastic. Definatly check it out when it opens, I really doubt you will regret it!


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            Re: Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

            Yeah, there's a Great Khan's nearby in the Santa Ana Mainplace Mall (a great mall, btw) and I've tried it. I liked it! But if I'm going out to eat, I don't usually want to go to the mall, haha. This place sounds like it could be really good.
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              Re: Fire + Ice Grill and Bar in GardenWalk

              I've been to two Fire + Ice restaurants and I really like them. First of all, I love the Mongolian BBQs at the malls, but F+I is better because you have so many more options of sauces, meats, vegetables, even entrees. You can get a burger if you want at F+I or pasta, or just plain meat with sauce. I like how you can get however much you want and whatever you want.
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