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1st Family Trip, Where to find discounts March '10??

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  • [Question] 1st Family Trip, Where to find discounts March '10??

    I apologize if I am not posting this question in the right place, but I really need some help. Our family is planning a trip to Disneyland the last week in March. I am nervous that it will be crowded for Spring Break, is that going to be the case? Also, I did check the rates for the Grand Californian and was a bit surprised to see the rate was about $500 per night. Is there any place to find perhaps a promotion or discount code for this time frame? We are AAA members, is there perhaps a AAA rate? Our children are 14, 12, & 9, is the Grand hotel really worth the extra money or would the Disneyland hotel be a good alternative? I think I read some threads that this hotel will be under renovation is that correct? Price is not the bottle line, but I really want to get the best deal possible. I guess I was thinking we would stay 3 days/nights on property with a 3 day park hopper, and then 3 nights elsewhere and visit some other S. California attractions (like the beach, or indoor sky diving). Any thoughts, trips, tricks or suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: 1st Family Trip, Where to find discounts March '10??

    April 4th is Easter next year, so yes, you will be going right in the peak Spring Break time for most of So Cal.

    I've never stayed at the Grand, but it is a beautiful hotel. Its right up against DCA, so you can't get much closer. Is it worth the money? Not to me personally since I don't spend a lot of time in the room, I don't think spending that much is worth it. (But if I could afford it, yes I'd stay there at least once. )

    You should be able to get a AAA rate for the room, I think the general AAA rate is 15-20% off the rack rate. As for other discounts, have you looked into travel agencies? Sometimes they have access to information on discounts and package deals that could save you some money.

    I don't know the exact timeline of the Disneyland Hotel rehab, but there is some info here:

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