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Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?


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  • Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?

    AAA booked me here as a good place with a two room suite and allowing two cribs. But I've seen some bad reviews on some sites, and good ones on the others. I've heard that Parking can be a pain, and that the ART bus (which was pushed by the AAA agent, as better than driving and parking.) Well, I've heard the ART bus is a LONG route for this hotel... some people saying it's more like 60 mins a run, not the "15 to 20" that I've been told by the Travel Agent.

    I'm looking at October 30th through Nov 3rd.

    Any input???

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    Re: Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?

    We stayed there a couple of years ago. We liked it but we now we choose to stay closer to the park.
    The breakfast is really good. Very filling. They always had something hot. Biscuits and gravy, waffles, fruit, cereal, pastries and juice.
    As far as the shuttle...
    Once you figure out the system it's not that bad. It's the second to the last stop going to the park. So it won't take long at all. For getting back to the hotel take the shuttle that drops you off across the street. I think it's a Doubletree. (Sorry can't really remember) But it's the first or second stop coming back. The front desk at the hotel probably will know.
    Overall...Good hotel.
    Hope I helped ease your mind a little.


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      Re: Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?

      I'd just like to point out that a AAA employee advocating a bus over a car is ... weird. :lol:

      I've not stayed there but I discounted this hotel due to the poor ratings on TripAdvisor
      Best Western Raffles Inn and Suites Anaheim (Anaheim, CA) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor

      I'm staying at a place at around the same distance from the Park, I'm planning to walk in and probably ART back if after dark. It'd be around a 15-20 walk depending on how fast you are.
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        Re: Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?

        I saw the tripadvisor posts also, I like to read them, but I've found that some hotels also pay people to write pro/con reviews on their, so they're not the most accurate. (I once had a reservation with one hotel that told me they'd knock $50 off if I wrote a good review on trip advisor BEFORE I stayed there). I cancelled my reservation, thinking it must be bad if they were paying people to post a good review. I asked someone I knew who was in the travel industry who told me they've had some resorts pay travel agents to write poor reviews on competitors on tripadvisor for kickbacks! Therefore I ask the Micechat members, as I'm sure they're less biased! =-).

        The main issue I saw there is the parking... and that has me concerned, although two members of my party have hip replacements and a Handicap parking placard, so I figuring that will help on that part.

        Problem is I can't find any other two-room suites, I had them look up the Homewood suites, but the 2 room is not available on the Plan, only Room-Only, and that drives the price about $800 more than Raffles.

        I'm still not sure about ART, although I guessing this shouldn't be too busy... Biggest issue is having the twins, I do have a nice lightweight twin stroller though that folds up fairly tight in case the bus is really full. (I have another one that folds up well, but weighs about 60 lbs!)

        I can change my hotel for $25 in the next week or so, so I'm open to suggestions.

        I'm looking for a two-room suite, queen beds (some of them are doubles, which sorry, most american adults can't sleep two on a double).


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          Re: Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?


          After playing with the Disney Travel Site, I was able to find a 2 room suite at the Staybridge for only $40/day more. That gets us a Kitchen, which I think wouldbe worth it. Reviews of this Hotel look good. I called my AAA agent and she is making the change.

          I also dropped the ART passes. I started to calculate it... They wanted $48 for it, I have 4 Adults and two Infants (Free). I can buy 3 day tickets for only $10 a person, so that's $40. Or I can buy a single day ticket and if I don't like it switch to driving and don't feel bad about wasting tickets.

          The biggest issue I had with the Raffles (other than the bad parking horror stories) was than Expedia sells the same room at $88, yet Disney/AAA was charging about $129/day when I calculated it out. About a $200 Upcharge... ack!


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            Re: Best Western Raffles Inn Anyone?

            If you got your Disneyland tickets through AAA, you should have free parking at the resort. I would check on that!!!


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