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Disney Resort hotels, worth it??


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  • [Question] Disney Resort hotels, worth it??

    Trying to plan a visit next month in November either 5th-8th or 12th-15th. I've always wanted to stay at an on-site property but have a hard time paying double to triple the price of off-site. The last 4 times I've gone in this last year I've booked through Priceline by bidding my price and always gotten 3.5 star properties and stayed at Hilton, Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, Marriott for $45 bucks a night or less each time. With two stays being on holiday weekends and getting those rates too.

    I'm an AP holder so I know I can get discounted room rates. The lowest I've seen is $149 at PP, $159 at DLH & $239 at GCH. Is it really worth those prices? I know it's convenient to be that close and just walk 10-15 mins and be at the park. I hear and read alot of mixed reviews about the hotels and that they need a lot of renovating. At the current rates I've seen I would only stay in a standard view room. I guess I'm more afraid of paying so much more than off-site and then being disappointed and thinking its not any different as far as room comfort, size & amenities so why did I just spend all this money.

    Any opinions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

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