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La Quinta Inn & Suites?


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  • [Question] La Quinta Inn & Suites?

    Has anyone stayed at the La Quinta Inn and Suites on Clementine? We were thinking of the Quality Inn, but this is about the same distance and seemed a little nicer, while being in the same price range. Any opinions? Thanks...

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    La Quinta not worth the savings

    Yes, I just stayed there...stay away! Dirty, Stains, maids that don't do their job, mystery drains in the shower ceilings, ice cold showers (room 324), rude staff, key cards don't work 1/2 time, cold very limited breakfast, I have heard of bed bugs, rooms are quiet (except for elevator noise) and small, but we did manage to squeeze 10 in a two bedroom suite for about $10 each per night.


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      Re: La Quinta Inn & Suites?

      Last time for me was about 7 years ago, so not very up to date. I didn't have any issues that the previous poster had. The suites are sizable, but I certainly wouldn't try to squeeze 10 people in one room ~ any hotel room is going to be "small" with that many people staying in it. Not sure what the "mystery" drain complaint is about, their are reasons for those "ceiling drains" and it's NOT for draining the water in the shower/tub above your room.

      Most La Quinta's have a nice continental breakfast in the lobby, cold cereal, Juice, coffee, rolls, and a nice quick way to grab a quick bite before your day at DL, without wasting the time of a sit down restaurant. Don't know why someone would complain about a cold limited breakfast that comes free with the room. If you want a hot breakfast, bacon, eggs, sauges, pancakes, you need a full service restaurant or smorgasboard, or a McDonald's. Someone obviously didn't take time to learn about their hotel and the continental breakfast before going there.

      And the previous poster only "heard of" bugs. Let's not start up or spread rumors that don't have a source.

      No, I don't work for La Quinta, but some of those complaints seem a little off base. Maybe someone was expecting a 5 star hotel out of a 3 star hotel.
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        Re: La Quinta Inn & Suites?

        Things to consider...thanks for your input!


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          Re: La Quinta Inn & Suites?

          i'm also giving this hotel a thumbs down.

          the room was small, seemed more on the dirty side, bathrooms were really small, i didn't feel comfortable staying there and me and my mom ending up walking around downtown disney just to get out of there.

          and this is really more my fault, but i lost my blanket there, and i liked that blanket.

          honestly, that hotel is on my list of worst hotels ever. and the vagabond inn in palm springs. which is why i'm typing this up for you. don't go through the misery we did. stay somewhere else! please!
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