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  • [Question] Suites in Disneyland

    What's the best Suites in the area? We have about a group of 13... Is there a big enough suite?

    I LOVE HOJO but it looks like they are pretty booked for April 6-16!

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    Re: Suites in Disneyland

    the only hotel that I have stayed at with adjoining rooms was the Fairfield Inn. that setup had 2 kings in each room with a chair that had a fold-away cot sized bed, so a total of 10. I don't know if the rooms with queen sized beds had larger fold-away sofa beds, if they do that would up it to 12.


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      Re: Suites in Disneyland

      I think most of the hotels around the resort will do adjoining rooms, some of them even call them their "family suites" that way. Anaheim Plaza does this. On their website they say their adjoining rooms have either 4 double or 2 queens in each room, and sleep up to 8. But the rooms are pretty good sized (I've stayed there a couple of times), and they might be able to bring in roll-aways.

      As for actually real suites.... I'm not familiar with the actual capacities of the rooms. With a group that large, it might be just as easy to just get three rooms, and ask if they can be all in the same area of the motel.

      Um... I was looking at my fav. motel booking site and they only let you look for two rooms at a time, but they pointed me to this site, which is where you can look for a book multiple rooms for large groups. I've never used it and don't know anything about it but here's the link so you can check it out if you want.

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        Re: Suites in Disneyland

        Anabella has nice suites - not sure if they're adorning or not.
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