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  • [Chat] Hotel Mix Up

    I had an interesting thing happen to me and wondered if anyone else had something like this happen.

    I booked my trip through a travel agent for the Disneyland Hotel. I was there while he was secured the reservation for the DLH. Later on, a few weeks, he called me to tell me there was some sort of mix up and they didn't have me at the DLH but at Paradise Pier because of some promotion that automatically placed my reservation there. He said to put me back at the DLH I would have to pay more, which I didn't want to do, so I told him I would take the PP BUT I wanted to have a park view. I assumed he called them to straighten that out, he called me back and said they now had me down for the PP in a room viewing the DCA park. I got my tickets and all that and what do you know, they have me down for the PP in a standard room!! At this point I am not mad or anything, but I just don't get what the deal is? I called the hotel and basically they told me that I could pay the difference to upgrade or call my travel agent. I spoke to my travel agent and he said he definately told them a park view room, and had noted it and had it signed by a supervisor to make sure he did. I called the hotel again and they still insisted if I wanted a park view room I had to pay more because I have a really good rate already. That comment sort of irratated me because I certainly did not book an economy trip! I paid for a week at the hotel, the week meal plan and $395 for the in room celebration!

    I was just wondering if I had some sort of freak experience that never generally happens, or if this happens often?

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    Re: Hotel Mix Up

    Take it up with the reservation desk when you time you might want to use another Travel Agent or book direct yourself.
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