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  • [Question] Hotel with Parents/Fiancee

    Going with my parents and Fiancee in March, and my parents haven't been to DL in forEVER. They do like a nice place to stay, however with booking 2 rooms, any of the Disney hotels are out of our price range. What are some NICE good neighboor hotels??
    :ap: Next DL trip is in 2 WEEKS!!!!! :ap:

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    Re: Hotel with Parents/Fiancee

    candy cane inn!

    it has flowers all over the place with a fountain in the front
    the drive way stuff is paved with cobblestone like rock things
    it's also has cozy rooms, yes slightly on the smaller side but there's only 2 of you per room right?

    like seriously i would want to go there with my fiance (as soon as i get one, but i'm close) oh and also there's a mini mart LITERALLY right next door for late night snacks

    and they have their own shuttle!!
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      Re: Hotel with Parents/Fiancee


      Get a Two Room Suite... Two Bathrooms, two rooms, Sleeper Couch/Family Room, and a Kitchen... New, Clean Hotel, Great Staff/Parking/ART stop right there.

      You could get two single rooms too.. but the two-rooms is nice, and each room can be closed so you have privacy (they also have their own TV's, 3 total in the suite).


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        Re: Hotel with Parents/Fiancee

        I 2nd the Stay Bridge or the Holiday Inn right next to it are both awesome. The Holiday Inn has a HUGE pool, spa and work out room.


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