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Disney Dining


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  • [Question] Disney Dining

    What are your top 3 favorite places to eat at Disneyland Resort? I'm going this Sunday and I want to see what people recommend

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    Re: Disney Dining

    1. storytellers cafe
    2. award weiners (hot dogs are my favorite food)
    3. cafe orleans (although it's been a while)

    there's my top 3!
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      Re: Disney Dining

      surf and turf from the blue bayou is always good, and i always liked being able to hear people on a ride from a sitdown restaurant.

      any time i see food discussions on here i never hear anyone mention it though lol. im probably the only person who likes it.


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        Re: Disney Dining

        1. Blue Bayou
        2. Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
        3. Pizza Port


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          Re: Disney Dining

          1. tastes pilot grill (aviators chicken sanddwhich is sooooo good)
          2. Pizza Port (barbecue chicken pizza YUM!)
          3. Cafe orleans (monte cristos and gumbo yummmmmyyy)
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            Re: Disney Dining

            1. Goofy's Kitchen
            2. Storytellers Cafe (Cheaper)
            3. Bengal BBQ


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              Re: Disney Dining

              Blue Bayou (the Monte Cristo - OMG!!!!!)
              then the corndog stand at the end of mainstreet (YUM)
              Pizza Port (the convience of the location by space mtn)
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                Re: Disney Dining

                The Plaza Inn for the Fried Chicken
                Coke Corner for a Hot Dog
                Bengal BBQ for Chicken Skewer


                • #9
                  Re: Disney Dining

                  Napa Rose
                  Jazz Kitchen
                  Blue Bayou


                  • #10
                    Re: Disney Dining

                    Cafe Orleans
                    Rancho del Zocalo
                    Boudine's Soup and Sandwiches


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                      Re: Disney Dining

                      Blue Bayou... just for the atmosphere
                      Plaza Inn... Like Snookie said, great fried chicken, large portions
                      Pizza Port... quick, reasonable prices, and plenty of places to sit.

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                        Re: Disney Dining

                        Napa Rose: For obvious reasons, great food
                        Cafe Orleans: Decent food and good menu
                        Blue Bayou: Average food overall, some excellent, can't beat the atmosphere

                        As a runner up for fast food/burgers, Taste Pilots in DCA
                        when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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                          Re: Disney Dining

                          Corn Dogs at the Wagon on Main St.
                          Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes at the Plaza Inn on Main Street

                          In that order.
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                            Re: Disney Dining

                            Napa Rose
                            Steak House 55
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                              Re: Disney Dining

                              storyteller cafe (for all the reasons posted by others ,plus its a character dining experience)
                              corn dogs at the main st wagon(was going to put corn dog castle but untill its return, the main st wagon will do as a so-so replacement)
                              plaza inn (great chicken)

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