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Hook's Pointe for New Years eve

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  • [Review] Hook's Pointe for New Years eve

    Every New Years eve for the last 4 years we take the kids (now 11 and 13) to Hook's Pointe. It's stylish enough that the kids feel it's special, the food is above average and the cost is not too outrageous. After New Years eve 2008 I heard they closed the place for awhile, then re opened in the Spring '09, I think.
    For NYE of '09 I called to make a reservation and while talking with the Disney dinning folks I was informed that the menu had been revamped by the head chef at Steakhouse 55, and the food was very good. I was excited for the new menu experience for our usual NYE dinner .....what a dissapointment!
    First of all, the dinning room had all these employees milling around and when they wern't busy they stood around, blocking aisles and talking among themselves, the bathrooms are down a dead end hallway and I caught a server back there texting. Even the managers seemed to be part of this, then there were the Disney maintenance men coming in and out, talking very loudly and making no attempt to be invisible, such a different experience from a year ago.
    Our server was polite and professional, BUT after she served my wife a glass of wine she never asked my wife if she wanted another glass, my wife ordered rice with her meal, but it came with potatos and they COMPLETLY botched our dessert which is what the kids look forward to every year.
    My meal was very good (mesquite grilled sea bass) but my daughters and wifes meal (surf and turf with lobster) was so so. The steak (medium rare) was somewhat tough and the lobster a bit overcooked and difficult to remove from the shell, both gave up on the lobster, too much work!
    all this for $154.00 including a meager tip.
    one out of four trips is not too bad I guess, but the difference this year was 180 dergrees different from all of our other experiences there that we talked , on the way home, that we may try a new place for NYE 2010, what a shame
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    Re: Hook's Pointe for New Years eve

    This place has never impressed me much. Sorry your NYE was not up to snuff, maybe a NYD dinner out is needed....Napa Rose? Never a dissapointment there!
    Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
    it's what they are like in their HEART!

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      Re: Hook's Pointe for New Years eve

      yeah, the napa rose is our favorite, but not with the kids, that's more of a big kids place!
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        Re: Hook's Pointe for New Years eve

        I'M A BIG KID NOW! Now let's to go napa rose! Anyways yes Hooke pointe was delicious surf and turf YUM! Tho it is a kids place it rly isn't designed like a kids place the decor is very stylish not childish at all!
        So after 2 full days in a row of walking around disneyland and a four hour practice, I finally understand why my doctor told me to take it easy on my knee I still cant wait to do it again