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Have you booked a hotel on Skoosh


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  • [Question] Have you booked a hotel on Skoosh

    Hi, folks. I stumbled on the oddly named website Skoosh for booking a hotel in Anaheim, and it came up with some good prices. I was wondering if anyone here has booked a hotel on that site, and did you have any problems? Thanks!

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    Re: Have you booked a hotel on Skoosh

    I've never actually booked through them before. But I have booked through "non traditional" sites like easyclicktravel before and had no problems.

    What I usually use is It actually searches through about 30 different sites (including Orbitz, Expedia etc.) You can sort your search by distance from where you want to be, price etc. It will then give you several choices of places to book on each hotel, and you can select the deal that works best for you.

    For example, right now for the anniversary weekend, it shows a room at America's Best Inn on Ball in Anaheim for $36-61 a night, depending on who you book through.

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