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Queen Mary


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  • Queen Mary

    I was wondering if anyone has been to the Queen Mary recently? We were there last in 2002 and did the Russian sub, WWII and Ghosts tours. Really enjoyed them, but didn't allow ourselves enough time to see the rest of the exhibits before the ship closed.

    I have heard that the ship is not receiving the kind of maintenance it deserves. Is it worth another visit? Or will we be disappointed in its condition? What about the hotel part? Is it worth a stay? The restaurant?


    Next trip: November 2010

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    Re: Queen Mary


    We were there in May 2009. I had been when I was a kid and I loved it, I told my husband all about it, I was really excited to be taking him was AWFUL!! $25 each to get in and it was just awful. I felt like it was a 1/2 day that we had wasted and couldn't get back

    The other half of the same day, we went to the Peterson Museum, which I wasn't excited about but my husband wanted to see. I LOVED it!! Totally worth it, and it was only $10 to get in.......we could have spent the entire day there (if we hadn't wasted teh morning at the Queen Mary!!).


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      Re: Queen Mary

      Thanks for the quick reply, Kristine! What was awful about it? Run down, lack of staff participation, food, other? Did your whole party dislike it or was it just that it didn't meet your expectations from your recollections?

      I will have to investigate this museum!

      We are finally having a trip where we will have time to do some of the smaller things! Seems like everytime we go our time is budgeted tightly.


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        Re: Queen Mary

        Haha, I didn't even realize how quickly I replied after you posted.

        It was really, really rundown. Like sad run down and didn't feel safe on it run down. My husband is fairly mechanical and he noticed there were actually big tubes coming out of the bottom, he heard a rumour afterward that the bottom is so rusted out and full of leaks that the tubes were linked to pumps that work 24 hours pumping water out.

        There used to be all sorts of little shops and a few restaurants, all of which were boarded up.

        We went on the ghost tour and bailed half way, something I had never done before on a tour, just because the host was so terrible......she was really screechy (seriously, it was weird).

        As you mentioned your time was budgeted tightly, ours was too for that particular trip, and we just felt we had wasted part of our trip afterwards.

        I think we paid $14 or $18 for parking, which also peeved us.

        It just felt like one big tourist trap.

        ***on a completly different note, if you are looking for something, two of our best days were unexpected:

        1)we took a half day and drove out to Huntington Beach, LOVED it. We don't get those kind of waves here, nor the sandy beaches. We went for supper at the end of the pier at Ruby's, the food was decent (as were the prices, standard diner fare), but what an amazing sunset!!!! You are basically out in the middle of the water. There are surfers out there all the time it seems and we even saw three dolphins!!

        We enjoyed that so much that when we went back in December to get married, we had another couple with us as our witnesses, and we made a trip back to the beach and Ruby's.

        2) we took the time out to just drive around for a day, we made our way up to San Dimas and Pamona, we went antiquing and got away from all the crowds. One of my favorite days ever

        Overall, it just seemed like there were a million better things to do than when we went to the Queen Mary. I don't know, someone else may weigh in with a different opinion, but we sure didn't like it.


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          Re: Queen Mary

          I would say that if you were a first time visitor, it's worth it. There's a lot of history there.

          But if you've been before, I'd have to say not much has changed. And I do agree that parts of it are looking run down, although not to the extent of the previous poster. Unless there was something specific you wanted to see, I don't know if it'd be necessarily worth it.

          Then again, you can always time your visit with their Sunday Brunch. Have a good meal, and then wander the ship at your leisure.

          I have stayed at the hotel, but it was many years ago. Back then rooms were on the small side, but it was fun for the novelty value. But as a whole, it wasn't so extraordinary that I'd say it was a must-do. You can probably catch a glimpse of the rooms as you tour the ship and see for yourself.
          Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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            Re: Queen Mary

            Thank you both for your fabulous, helpful replies!

            I will take the advice given and pass on the Queen Mary...

            ANd yes, Kristine, we are definitely doing Huntington Beach!! We've been once before and loved it. You may not get waves like that in Nanaimo, but we definitely don't get them in Saskatchewan!!!

            Another great place is San Clemente if you ever get the chance. Similar yet with it's own unique charm.


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              Re: Queen Mary

              Originally posted by SaskMouse View Post
              Another great place is San Clemente if you ever get the chance. Similar yet with it's own unique charm.

              This is good to know, I am going down in October again with my husband and he has specified that he would like a couple days just for us to wander* around, I will suggest San Clemente.

              *Apparantly not everyone likes 7 days straight at DL, which I would be quite happy with. Go figure)


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