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Advice on tickets and travel


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  • Advice on tickets and travel

    Hello - I've been lurking through these boards, mainly keeping up to date on the changes at DCA. I live in Oklahoma and typically our trips to the mouse are to Florida. However, this time I have a newphew graduating from USD in San Diego and myself, wife and kids 2, 6 and 8 are heading to California. Don't want to lose this opportunity to get to see Disneyland so we are working on plans to go to Disneyland on Tuesday and then fly back to Oklahoma from Anaheim on Friday. I haven't booked anything other than the flight to San Diego and a place to stay while there. Looking for advice on the following:

    1) Transportation from San Diego to Disneyland..... I have heard train or should I rent a car or is there a better option out there?

    2) Plan on staying at Paradise Pier Hotel.... should I go through a travel agent or do you get about the same thing using Disney direct? If agent any suggestions?


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    Re: Advice on tickets and travel

    First off, welcome to the boards--we're glad you're here! I'll do my best, but I'm working from the perspective of a traveller and not as a native, so I'd go ahead and default to anyone who lives in SoCal at any point--and I'll apologize ahead of time.

    My guess is you're staying Wednesday night at the PP Hotel and planning on spending the day at Disneyland Resort. Understand that the approach to this place is different than Florida. You could, legitamately see both parks in one day, but at great expense to your family's sanity. With such young kids in tow, I'd say pick the 'main park' and focus your energies there. With DCA under such massive upheaval, you could find yourself screaming otherwise. It's cheaper too to by the oneday one park ticket. Do they still have those?

    Secondly, SoCal is about cars. So much so that any of us who aren't from there start having twitches within moments of arrival of the freeway system. Traffic there isn't normal, it's a part of life. You have to drive at off hours to get any place on time and, well, it's really weird. I'd recommend just driving yourself, strangely, but just to expect this. If you are going up on Wednesday night, wait until after rush hour (that starts at 6am and goes to!) and then head up. Besides, your room won't be ready until after 3ish as it is. Then keep your car and drop it off at the airport when you head out. That works for me.

    Get there, unpack and warm up by walking around DTD. It's not as fun as the one in Florida, but still a good jog.

    Then hit the parks EARLY the next day. Take that midday break. And also, watch the fireworks from the PP pool. THey used to have the music pumped in. It will give you a break from the exodus afterwards. Just another suggestion.

    There are shuttles back and forth between SD and Anahiem. Just know that they are public transit. You save money and don't ahve to deal with the traffic, but you strapped to their schedules and decisions.

    That's my call. What say you fellow MiceChatters?

    I live in Colorado, and tend towards Florida, so I understand your situation. However, You'll find many terrific differences. The people in California are friendlier then any tourist mecca and will chat you up while waiting in line. The heat is not as bad as Florida and rain isn't as severe. You have just as many choices as you do in the Florida parks, but you'll find that even riding something you've ridden twenty times before in Orlando is curiously different---therein lies the fun. Californians see D-land as their personal park and it shows.

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      Re: Advice on tickets and travel

      Regarding the train. yes there is a station nearby in Anaheim but the train doesn't really stop very close to USD. so you'll still have a transportation problem from train station to the campus. Car rental is cheap and for the same price you can shove a lot of people in it. Getting to San Diego is an easy drive from DL. you get on the 5 frwy south and stay on it the entire way down. 1.5 hours from DL to USD I think, including a little traffic.
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        Re: Advice on tickets and travel

        I would say absolutely rent a car...we are from San Diego and the drive is not bad at all. Secondly...Paradise Pier has always been great for advice to you is (in my opinion) book through Disney and avoid the travel agent. It is just easier (again my opinion) you can avoid the middle man and if you happen to have AAA or (whatever its called in other areas) you can still get a discount by telling them. Hope you have a wonderful time....of course you will it's Disneyland:yea:
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          Re: Advice on tickets and travel

          Thanks everyone! Trying to find out for sure how long I'm in San Diego and then get my room reserved!


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