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Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience


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  • Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

    I know that tons of restaurants and hotels sprung up in the area when Disneyland opened. I'd love to find some of those historic establishments. Any recommendations for diners, coffee shops or casual restaurants that I should absolutely check out?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

    This is a great question....I too would like to know if anyone knows of restaurants that still function like those of the 1960's....???

    You know the type, where a nice basket of different kinds of of crackers were served to you upon seating; followed by a tray of cold vegetables, and instead of asking you what kind of dressing you wanted on your salad a little tray of different kinds of salad dressing were served to you on the side.
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      Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

      Honestly as far as I know there really isn't much left from that era that's not more of a fine dining establishment. There are coffee shops near there like Tiffy's, or Coco's. But nothing like what I think you're talking about. The San Francisco equivalent would have been something like PamPam, but it alas, is gone. There are plenty of diner's in the area, but nothing really that stands out in my mind. Read that to mean that the food really isn't as good as the old diner's and coffee shops.

      There's the White House which is pretty old, but I've never eaten there, so i can't attest to it's quality, and it's fine dining. And there's Steakhouse 55 over at the Disneyland Hotel, but it's certainly not cheap. It does have a bit of a fifties steakhouse flair though.


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        Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

        La Villa Basque is a restaurant I'm dying to see in person -- what a time warp!

        While it's by no means close to Anaheim, 20-something miles is pretty close in "LA miles" LOL And it would be worth the trip IMHO

        La Villa Basque - a set on Flickr


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          Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

          I know this is WAY away from Disneyland, but on the I-15 on the way to Vegas is Peggy Sue's Diner. It is authentic 1950's. Awesome place to visit. Nostalgia and memoriabilia oozing off the walls. The outside looks likea giant jukebox!

          I believe it is two hours this side of Las Vegas.
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            Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

            The Corvette Diner in San Diego is about a close as you'll ever get. Food is great and its just like the old 50's style. We had a blast there. Its worth the drive.
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              Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

              Talking about older diner's, Sambo's may be considered more 60's and 70's, but the original is still open in Santa Barbara, and has a GREAT ocean view! They are only open for breakfast and lunch- SO get THERE by 1pm! - It does have the look and feel of the old Sambo's locations.

              Wow, thinking back, some restaurants in the 70's still offered the small jukeboxes at each booth. I wonder if any restaurants have those?!?!!??! some of the old Country Kitchen's used to have those.

              And the old King's Food Host Restaurant's had GREAT hamburgers - they went out of business years ago, but some of those old locations were sold to new owners and kept the same type of food items. Most of those are just in the Midwest.

              Here in Phoenix, we used to have a 50's themed diner called Ed Debevic's! It wasn't just a restaurant, it was an experience! It was so sad when they closed ~ now they only have a couple of locations in Illinois. Arizona currently has a few "5 and Diners" which have a 50's feel, but none in California, yet.

              I did a search and found a couple locations, but probably need to find out more about these to see if they are any good:


              located at 11623 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles


              carhop restaurant in Long Beach
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                Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

                Ruby's? there is one a few blocks from DIsneyland. Or Im not sure if it's 50's or 60's but Paul's Place has really good food and HUGE portions.
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                  Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

                  If you want to go where the Anaheimer's have gone from the very early 60's through the 2010's try the LaPalma Chicken Pie Shop at 928 N. Euclid st. (Just south of LaPalma.)

                  This place is pretty much like it was when it was built. Lots of home-style cooking featuring (surprise!) chicken pot pies. The ambience and the quality of the food has been debated since the place opened. (And I should know because I grew up just blocks from the place.) But if you are looking for what it was like way-back-when give it a try.

                  This place absolutely qualifies as historic.

                  Another place you might want to try is MexiCasa at 1778 Lincoln Ave in Anaheim. They've been around forever and had to relocate when the 5 was widened. The building they are in now used to be called (if memory serves me correctly) The Kettle. Anyway the inside of the building remains pretty much as it was when it was built. (Which was late 60's but don't hold me to that.) There's a fireplace and dark wood, beamed cieling. MexiCasa is CHEAP! I know people who don't like it, but I always LOVED their food. But it's worth a peek inside because when the original Kettle was built it was pretty upscale for it's time.

                  Oh, and Paul's Place is from (trying to remember here) the 90's. For sure not the 50's or 60's but the food is terrific!
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                    Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

                    It may not qualify as an Anaheim restaurant, but my favorite is Damons steak house on Central Ave in Glendale Ca. opened in 1937.
                    Think Tiki Room on Mai Tais with Coconut monkeys!
                    They have that kind of service you are talking about.
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                      Re: Seeking old school 50's and 60's dining experience

                      Theres always Peggy Sue's off the I-15 on the way to Vegas. I go there every time I go to Vegas.

                      Peggy Sues 50's Diner
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