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The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread


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  • [Fun] The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

    Now, I've been continually going to DLR since 2005 with a season pass now. Before, it was once a year family trips. But starting last year, I realized I usually just ate at the same places and it started to bug me so now I have vowed to try and eat at a different place every time I visit (which is about twice a month at least).

    Now I know there are other people here who go more often than I do and I was wondering if any of you can actually say they've eaten at EVERY food place (restaurant and major food stand) in either DL or DCA or both. Including DTD would be a bit too much so we'll just box this in just for the theme parks.

    As for me, here is a list of all the places I have eaten (in order from most times to least) --

    The haves:
    Pizza Port [I just can't get enough of this pizza and it used to be the only place I ate for about 4 years]
    Tomorrowland Terrace [I would get the Chicken Breast Nuggets kids meal and just watch the bands play often. I've also gotten a burger here. Pretty good since you also get entertainment.]
    Hungry Bear [Once I went to DL just for dinner and this is the place we picked. We squeezed in a few rides also]
    Bengal BBQ [Got a skewer here recently and it was okay. I wouldn't pay that much for that little meat again though.]
    Stagedoor Cafe [Gotten chicken strips and a funnel cake here before. Both weren't that good on either occasion.]
    Toontown Hot Dogs [For some reason, I've been here often.]
    Turkey Leg Stand [Got a turkey leg recently and realized I've been missing out!]
    Cafe Orleans [Just barely went to this place to finally try out the Monte Cristo. It was okay]
    Refreshment Corner [I got a chili cheese dog here once]

    The have yet to's:
    Plaza Inn [I've been here but it's been a good while so I would like to try it out again because I remember it vaguely]
    Carnation Cafe [I would love to get to the park early and get some breakfast here some time]
    Corn Dog Cart [I think this is next on my list on what I must get]
    Harbour Gallery [I have honestly never seen this place. Every time I walk by, I just see a frozen lemonade stand. Is this the old McDonalds location? I think it's closed every time, maybe that's why I never see it. I go often at night.]
    Tiki Juice Bar [I have yet to have a Dole Whip.]
    Golden Horseshoe [Is the dining area inside the building? Never been in nor have I seen any shows in there. I've been meaning to but it just never happens ]
    Rancho Del Zocalo [Would love to try this place out]
    Big Thunder Ranch BBQ [It's too expensive but I want to try out the BBQ just once so I'll get around to eventually. Kinda like Blue Bayou except I'm not interested in what they serve there.]
    Village Haus [I want to eat here just for the location but I hear it's nothing special. DON'T RUIN MY DREAMS!]

    Once I hit all these locations, I will feel very proud of myself!!!

    {California Adventure}
    The haves:
    Award Wieners [I've oddly eaten here the most. They have weird stringy fries but I love hot dogs!]
    Pizza Oom Mow Mow [Same pizza as Pizza Port. Love it!]
    Cocina Cucamonga [Got a burrito here and it was SOOO GOOD.]
    Sonoma Terrace [Last visit I got the picnic meals and ate in the WOC viewing area. It was okay, I would've liked it a lot more if it was hot.]

    The have yet to's:
    Taste Pilot's Grill [Do they still have those Criss Cut Fries here? Plus, I hear the burgers are the best in the resort.]
    Farmers Market [I'm a huge chicken strips fan so I want to try this out!]
    Lucky Fortune Cookery [Just oddly curious to see if it's any better than Panda Express]
    Pacific Wharf Cafe [I would love to get a bread bowl here]

    Any suggestions? Comments? Places you've eaten? Is it an odd goal of yours to eat at every place too? Share!

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    Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

    Pizza Port - Love the pizza and the chicken fusili.
    Tomorrowland Terrace - Had a Chicken Burger and Fries, tasted ok.
    Stagedoor Cafe - Cheese Sticks and Chicken Strips with fries ftw!
    Turkey Leg Stand - Love the turkey legs and the fried chimichangas
    Refreshment Corner - Chili Cheese Dog and Chili Cheese bowl were very tasty.
    Plaza Inn - I had Penne Pasta topped with Marinara sauce which was really good.
    Corn Dog Cart - Love the corn dogs!
    Tiki Juice Bar - Dole Whip Float and Dole Whip are sooo good on a hot day! heck I had one on a very cold day.
    Golden Horseshoe - Cheese Sticks with Fries here were great, love eating these while watching fantasmic.
    Rancho Del Zocalo - Ive been here too many times, my GF loves this place too much so we just always end up here.
    Hacienda Chicken Ceasar Salad - Needs a bit more chicken, but still tastes good.
    Tostada Salad - It was ok..
    Carne Asada and Red Chile Enchilada Platter - Love this plate! very filling.
    Red Chile Enchilada Platter - Same enchiladas as the carne asada plate, taste good as well!
    Village Haus - Had a cheeseburger here, it was decent at best.
    French Market
    - Plantation Citrus Chicken plate was soooo good, the potatoes and the cornbread were very good.
    Blue Bayou - Ive had both the Filet Mignon and the Cajun Salmon, they were both incredible along with the blue bayou potatoes!
    Riverbelle Terrace -
    I had the BBQ Pork Sandwich, it was very tasty.

    California Adventure
    Wine Country Trattoria - Had the WOC Picnic meal, it was ok, not very filling though.
    Pacific Wharf Cafe - Loved the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl!
    Farmers Market - Had some cheese sticks with fries along with a brownie Funnel cake and coke this past saturday before WOC, would do it again!
    Cocina Cucamonga - Same food as Rancho Zocalo, but they do not have free refills so I would not eat there over Rancho Zocalo again.


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      Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

      BB for dessert, had the cookie boat.. Yummy...Bangle Tiger.... Veggies were not cooked.. We are not talking aldente, we are talking raw potato. The chicken skewer was okay, the beef one, not so great.Pizza Port: The pizza was okay, the soda was better.Red Corn Dog Cart... My corn dog coating was not cooked all the way through.. Mushy, yuckie...Dole Whip cart... Yummm, THE best thing ever from Disneyland.Turkey Leg... I usually bring in fruit and rolls to go with this... It is my favorite.Churro's, I know this is Disneyland blasphemy, but I have had WAY better at Costco... Over all my couple of eating experiences with the food at Disneyland was not all that.. I have learned to eat breakfast in my room, and just go take a break mid day and have my big meal of the day off site.


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        Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

        I love food! Sadly, I believe Disneyland has only a couple of places that I would dine at enthusiastically. The on restaurant I stand behind 100% is The Storyteller Cafe. Beautiful atmosphere and food that is good.
        The one set back is the price. If it's more casual, I prefer the Plaza Inn.
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          Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

          Question about the Coke Corner. Are the hot dogs Beef or Chicken?

          When I was there last December thay had Chicken hot dogs, not Beef hot dogs. Disney website indicates Beef, but their website still calls DCA Disney's, not Disney.

          Has anyone eaten there lately?



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            Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

            Don't worry, I'm not too crazy for the churros either. After every Disneyland trip, I go to Del Taco and buy a churro for a dollar and they are WAY better. Way more crunchy, more cinnamon and thicker. Not as long but you could buy 2 and have a longer length and cheaper than one at Disney.
            The mini churros at Jack in the Box are okay too but they're nothing like a real churro at Disney (they have a cream filling on the inside, which is good but just weird).


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              Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

              Honestly, I think I've eaten everywhere at Disneyland/DCA except for Club 33 (which I hope to do in December for our 15th anniversary).

              As far as Downtown Disney goes, I think the only place we haven't eaten there is House of Blues, but we've eaten at the one in Hollywood. That counts right?


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                Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                Only places I've eaten in DTD is House of Blues and ESPN Zone. In all honesty, I had the best steak in my life at ESPN. House of Blues is another story. Their gumbo was pretty gross and luckily I didn't get charged for it. Their strawberry lemonade was flat and didn't come with free refills. The pizza was okay though but nowhere near worth the price for the size of an average plate.


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                  Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                  I ate at Wine Country Trattoria yesterday and it was outstanding! I had the most yummy chicken panini! Kids had the kids spaghetti and they ate it all so it must have been good too! I can't wait to go back and try something else there.
                  Well Gawrsh!


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                    Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                    Club 33 - always delicious!
                    Blue Bayou - great ambiance, okay food.
                    Cafe Orleans - love the beignets.
                    Plaza Inn - fried chicken: okay, strawberry shortcake: amazing!
                    Golden Horseshoe - chicken strips and fries were pretty good, but I really liked the Coke float.
                    Carnation Cafe - I've had everything here once and it's always tasty.
                    Hungry Bear - I don't eat here often; don't like it much for food, but I love watching the river and searching for cats.
                    Mint Julep Bar - every time I've been there, it takes forever.
                    Frozen Lemonade Cart - I only went here to get a souvenir cup, but the vanilla lemonade was surprisingly tasty.
                    Coffee Cart - takes too long; coffee is kind of gross, cookie was delicious.
                    Churro Cart - pretty good.
                    River Belle Terrace - good sausage and biscuit, nasty eggs.
                    Gibson Girl - ice cream is just okay.
                    Clarabelle - wonderful cookies and hot chocolate on the Holiday tour.
                    French Market - not my favorite.
                    Rancho del Zocalo - hate it; I only go here if there's absolutely nothing else available.

                    Ariel's Grotto - some of the best cioppino ever; dessert is good too.
                    Cove Bar - tasty drinks!
                    Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream - not bad.
                    Pizza Oom Mow Mow - terrible.

                    Rainforest Cafe - love the chicken fried steak for breakfast.
                    Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen - pretty good; I love the bananas foster.
                    Haagen-Dazs - great.
                    Naples - cold, disappointing pizza.
                    La Brea Bakery - great breakfast; just wish it was open earlier.
                    Filled Churro Cart - amazing!

                    Napa Rose - I think they serve a much better meal than the many I've had at Club 33; I highly recommend the chef's counter for a fully customizable experience.
                    Storytellers Cafe - one of the best reasonably-priced meals at the resort; Christmas dinner buffet was delicious and the service was excellent.
                    Hearthstone Lounge - poor service, good drinks.
                    White Water Snacks - pretty great breakfast.
                    Hook's Pointe - a little overpriced for what you get, but still good.
                    PCH Grill - could be better.

                    Food and Wine Festival Sweet Sunday - fabulous; so much Magicale!
                    Food and Wine Festival Taste of California Marketplace - the little bread bowl with cheese soup was good, but I really liked the soda machines.

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                      Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                      You should try the raspberry or cherry frozen lemonade. HEAVEN.


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                        Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                        I have eaten at every single restaurant, food service cart, stand, vending machine at disneyland. I think the biggest mistake people make is that they forget about all the other places at the resort that have vastly better food, vastly better service, and much less rushed. All the restaurants are out of the way enough that they arent on the park maps, but not far enough away that you cant get out easily. They are never really crowded, and the food quality is much better. Storytellers in the GCH, Goofys Kitchen, these are medium priced restaurants, you get your AP discounts, and the atmosphere is 100 times better. We stopped eating dinner in the park years ago and havent looked back.

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                          Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                          I don't even know how to get into the hotels, not to mention I would feel awkward walking into them not being a guest, haha


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                            Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                            Blue Ribbon Bakery-Great chocolate muffins.
                            Gibson Girl-Fantastically themed and the ice cream isn't bad either.
                            Main Street Cone Shop-Good but I only go here when Gibson Girl is crowded.
                            Coke Corner-Best soda I've ever had but the hot dog buns always fall apart.
                            Candy Palace-Love Love Love this place.
                            French Market-Good but not great.
                            Cafe Orleans-Love it. I'm craving some pommes frites right now.
                            Royal Street Veranda-Fritters weren't that good. I still need to try the gumbo.
                            Stage Door Cafe-I eat here if I don't feel like spending a lot of money in a NOS restaurant. It's not bad though.
                            Rancho del Zocalo-Tortilla soup+tres leches cake=awesome light lunch.
                            Hungry Bear-Food isn't very good but the scenery almost makes up for it.
                            Harbor Galley-It was still a McDonalds when I ate here.
                            Pooh Corner-Macadamia clusters and pretzel rods for the win.
                            Bengal Barbeque-My favorite quick snack place.
                            Clarabelle's-Whhhhyyyyyyyy did they get rid of the frozen yogurt? This was the only place in Toontown I'd eat at back when it was a frozen yogurt shop. Why's the frozen yogurt gone?
                            Village Haus-I was only 3 years old so I only have a vague memory of my parents trying to get me to eat half a cheeseburger while I stared longingly at the Fantasyland rides.
                            Tomorrowland Terrace-Yuck, that is all.
                            Pizza Port-I haven't eaten the pizza in years due to a mild tomato allergy but the chicken fusilli is the best.

                            Rainforest Cafe-I've only had breakfast here but it was good.
                            Jazz Kitchen Express-Got some beignets here last Sunday and they were good.
                            Naples-Didn't care for it.
                            Tortilla Jo's-It was okay.


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                              Re: The Ultimate "where have you eaten?" DL/DCA food thread

                              Whose eaten at the Bengal Barbeque? I'm just wondering what food they sell there, and whether it's good or not, because I'm planning to eat there the next time I go to Disneyland.


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