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25 fun things cheaper than Disneyland...


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    Re: On Wisconsin! (owned by Paul McCartney, btw)

    Originally posted by jcruise86 View Post
    . . .and Tijuana.

    The Dells is a "top 100 dream destination"?

    I could imagine if Cedar Point were in Sandusky, Ohio were. Or Springfield, Illinois, or Chicago, but the Dells? How many kids go there as part of the Make-a-Wish program?

    That Disneyland is attracting so many visitors in this economy with rising admission prices shows how excellent it is at this moment and has been in recent years.

    Are there Dells websites where fans demonstrate the enthusiasm shown here?

    My brother's step-daughter has travelled from Texas to Wisconsin to work at the Dells for a couple of summers, so it does have some fans out there.
    Fair enough and you can count me among those who will be going to Disneyland over the Dells on his next vacation...........

    But my point still stands......there are places a family can go and spend less money than at Disney and still come home just as happy (heck, just a couple of weeks ago I hiked a slot Canyon less than an hour from where I live....had more fun and adventure than any recent visit to Disneyland.....cost = $0.00 )

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      Re: 25 fun things cheaper than Disneyland...

      In Southern California there are probably 1000 fun things to do that are cheaper than Disneyland - but theres only ONE Disneyland!
      Hidden Mickey - Tower of Terror

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        Re: 25 fun things cheaper than Disneyland...

        Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
        I can't tell you the number of friends, relatives and business colleagues who have come to the same conclusion.

        The decline in the quality of experience compared to the Disneyland they grew up with, and the in-your-face corporate marketing and nickel-and-diming that Disney pounds you with on every visit, have combined to turn them off.
        You know, it makes me think about how much you get for what you pay.
        If you have two young children, how many rides can you get through in a day? With the long lines in fantasyland and various other "little kid friendly" rides it is difficult to get through many rides. So take that number and divide it by the cost of a ticket.

        Not many people consider how little they can get done in a day when they plan a Disney trip.