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Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?


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  • Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

    Does anyone know the approximate cost for a cab from Disneyland to LA, specifically Westwood Blvd between Wilshire Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd?

    I'm going to be at DL in September, and I'm not renting a car. I might be able to go visit my cousin and see his new baby in LA, and I was thinking about renting a car at DTD just to drive there for a day, but I've been having driving anxiety issues due to a bad car crash this winter, so now I'm thinking a cab might be better. But it's such a long distance, I just feel like it'd be super expensive.

    Thanks for any estimates you can give me!

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    Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

    That would probably run you a sky high amount!

    I believe our very own Datameister has made trips from that part of West LA to Disneyland and back and so hopefully he can fill you in better on the details and logistics.

    From Disneyland, you can take a bus to the Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink station and then board a train to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. Once there, you can transfer to an Airport Express Shuttle that can take you to West LA.

    the Airport Shuttle to the best of my knowledge is either free or a very minimal cost, the Amtrak is most likely $10 one way and the bus is $1.50-3 depending on which line you're taking.


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      Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

      Could be up to $100 each way.

      Data is the guy, but I'll give it a shot:

      Buses and trains are a long, long day.

      Two options:
      1. Take Flyaway to LAX; take Disneyland Express to Disneyland. Getting back cuts your DL day short, as the DL Express stops returning to LAX at around 8PM or so.

      2. Get to LA Union Station by 6:05AM, 7:20AM, or 8:30AM. Last train leaves Anaheim at 11:15PM on Friday and Sunday, 10:18PM otherwise; and 12:30AM (!!) daily from Fullerton.
      Now, to get from Westwood to LA Union Station: three choices down Wilshire Blvd: 20, 720, 920.
      First, The 720 bus is at 5:21AM at Wilshire/Westwood. Gets to Wilshire/Vermont at 5:50AM. From there take the Red/Purple Line Subway to Union Station. It runs every five minutes, and takes about 10 minutes to get to Union Station. That first train seems impossible to catch, unless you pre-buy the ticket (no idea about that). You definitely want to buy an all-day Metro pass for the buses/trains. No stopping to buy a train ticket that way.
      Last 720 bus is at 12:27AM.
      The 920 Bus is limited, starts at 6:52AM, takes 27 minutes to get to Vermont.
      20 bus is an every-stop bus, BUT it also runs until 4:00AM from Wilshire/Vermont, not that the subway is running at that time. But, it's important to know that there IS a way home.

      Note: all this available on-line. Not as if I know this stuff by heart.

      The 720 bus schedule:

      Red/Purple rail schedule:

      Map of Metro buses and rails:

      The 20 bus schedule -- note the night-owl service at bottom:

      Amtrak - Timetables
      Choose "Pacific Surfliner" option.

      $30 or so, total.

      Short version:
      1. 720 from Wilshire/Westwood to Wilshire/Vermont.
      2. Red/Purple Subway from Wilshire/Vermont to LA Union Station.
      3. Pacific Surfliner from LA Union Station to Anaheim.
      4. ART Shuttle or cab to DL.
      5. ART Shuttle or cab to Anaheim or Fullerton station.
      6. Pacific Surfliner to LA Union Station.
      7. Red/Purple Subway from LA Union Station to Wilshire/Vermont.
      8. 720 or 20 from Wilshire/Vermont to Wilshire/Westwood.


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        Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

        $100 each way is too much. I wouldn't do that. Here in Chicago we have flat cab fares from the various suburbs to the airports, and I think to downtown, so even if it's about 45-60 minutes or so, at least you know what it will be. I could maybe do $50 each way, but not $100. And I don't think I'll mess with public transportation. That does sound like it would take too long.

        I'm hoping that they might decide to come out to Disneyland to see me. ) But the baby isn't really old enough for it, so there's not really that draw. They could come to DTD, which would at least be free. But I'm not going to suggest it. I'm going to plan to make my way to them. I must just have to bite the bullet and drive. I've driven around LA before and don't normally have a problem with it. It's just that lately when I've gotten on interstates I've been having some panic attacks (my Beetle spun out on some ice in December and I got hit by a truck, and my Beetle was totalled . I was really lucky not to have any serious injuries.), so it would be much easier just to leave the driving to someone else.

        But I don't even know what will work out. It could be that I could see them when I arrive, and they could pick me up at LAX and then return me there so I could get my shuttle. I just don't know yet what will happen, and I wanted to see if the cab thing was a possibility. I guess it's probably not.

        Thanks for your help!


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          Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

          Oh, I got the directions reversed. Sorry.

          No ice here. Just an FYI.

          From what I can tell, it would be maybe an hour and a half each way. It could take that long driving!

          You could meet at Union Station, and walk around downtown LA, Olvera Steet, Disney Hall, etc.

          Let me try this again in the other direction:
          1. Amtrak 8:06AM from Anaheim. Arrive in LA Union Station at 8:50AM. If this is a weekday, there are Metrolink Trains that run at 4:41AM, 5:51AM, 6:28AM, 5:58AM, 7:27AM, 7:49AM, and 8:26AM. 45-60 minutes.
          2. Red/Purple Line; 15 minutes max.
          3. The 720 bus: about 30-40 minutes.

          So, about 2 hours each way.


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            Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

            Never mind, I need to read people's post before I post(sorry)
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              Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

              If you can just rent a car for the one day and the one trip, that might be the best way. No ice patches, promise! And knowing L.A. drivers well, it's not pretty but still most likely a notch or two less insane than Chicago - except when it rains. Then everybody forgets how to keep the shiny side up.

              Second best would be to put the visit at one end of your trip - They pick you up at the airport with the Baby in tow, and you all go do Disneyland for the day, or go dining in the area - Rainforest Cafe or Jazz Kitchen in DTD, or a few dozen good area choices. Then drop you at your hotel.

              Or they pick you up/meet you at Disneyland on the morning of the last day, go do the day with the baby, and they drop you off at LAX for the flight home.

              Heck, they could pack an overnight bag and a folding crib and come down the night before, and share the room for one night...

              Even if they are locals, they still have to come Do the Parks occasionally.

              If there was a simple one-system solution to taking the bus, it would be okay. But you're talking multiple systems and transfer points.

              It might be worth it to call the Limo Companies and see what they want for a simple no-frills Car and Driver for the day round trip, and he can have some time off in West LA as you "do the baby thing". If it's on an hourly basis it'll probably be a lot better than the 'Meter Rates' on a taxi - and they won't want to be tied up all day like that.

              And the drivers for the Limo/Car Services tend to be... How do I put it politely... :blush: A little higher on the evolutionary scale than Taxi Drivers. (No scars on their knuckles. :lol: ) They're used to getting calls from production companies and handling the Hollywood Types that need to be delivered to a certain place at a certain time, then getting them back in one piece.

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                Re: Cab from Disneyland to LA - Cost?

                Supershuttle is actually your best bet.

                Lots of coupons out there too. (Shuttle from Disneyland to any hotel in the LA area should be cheap, or even better, shuttle from Disneyland to the Burbank airport if that's close enough for you)

                Just play around with the to/from on their website to find the cheapest option for you. Using theme parks, hotels, and airports as to/from points.

                Just be advised, if you're having them pick you up overnight that you may be waiting awhile, as they have very few vans out and sometimes can be delayed hours. (Just a little rain can be 1-2 hours delay)