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Meals at DLR 8/10-8/12 - reviews


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  • Meals at DLR 8/10-8/12 - reviews

    Hey, just got back from 3 days at DLR

    Lunch at Hungry Bear 8/10 - late lunch, short lines in spite of the crowds. Chicken Sandwich, fries and a Diet Coke for me, Niece had Chicken Nuggets, Apple slices and Lemonade. She didn't want the ranch dressing for her nuggets so I put it on my Chicken Sandwich - was surprisingly good.

    Lunch for 1 adult, 1 child, less than $20.00 - she ate all her food! Food was decent, not fantastic, but pretty good for Disney!

    Dinner at Plaza Inn 8/10 - about 7:00 PM - Opted for the Chicken Dinner, Niece had the child's Chicken Dinner. Three pieces of Chicken (leg/thigh/breast) w/ mashed potatoes & gravy, a biscuit and green beans. Chicken was very good, cooked and crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside. Mashed potatoes were just that, gravy was just there. Green beans were not over-cooked and crispy. My Niece wasn't impressed, but she was picky the entire visit. Less than $30 (no desert) for the both of us. I'll be back - it was a good value for the DLR food service.

    Next day, Lunch at 1:00 at Rainforest Cafe w/ the Grandparents who just came to join us for lunch. I had the Chicken Cobb Salad w/ Ranch and an Iced Tea, Niece had the Chicken Strips (go figure!), G'pa had a large BBQ Burger w/ fries that he inhaled and a Bud-Light (despite my admonitions that "friends don't let friends drink Bud-Light), G'ma had the Chicken Quesadilla but substituted black beans for the chicken (yeah, I questioned that choice too). Somehow, the Quesadilla is served with flatbread/pita instead of a tortilla - not much of a "quesadilla" if you ask me. Again, no deserts...... Tab for 3 adults, 1 child = $62.00 excluding tip

    I wouldn't go there again, I thought the food was bland for it's price, but again, you're really only paying for the ambiance...........

    Dinner at Cafe Orleans before 10:15 WOC line-up. I had the "Frites" and the Gumbo Crepe and a Diet Coke. Niece had the chicken breast with pasta (but asked for the sauce on the side - she hates sauce......). I really wanted the Monte Cristo, but I also wanted the Gumbo and the Frites but didn't want to overeat so I passed on the sandwich. I loved the "Frites", even though they aren't REAL "frites", the Crepe was actually really good, plenty of the Gumbo stuffed inside and drizzled over the top. Niece actually finished her chicken and pasta! Our waiter was really good about drink re-fills (I drink a LOT of Diet Coke), our tab was about $35.00, $42.00 w/ tip - our server was really very good! I ALWAYS go back to Cafe Orleans because they have the Monte Cristo, but the Crepe was really good - I'll continue to eat there.

    Lunch on 8/12 at Carnation Cafe on Main Street. Had no reservation, just walked up, sat in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we had the table right next to the greeters, where the people line up to get in, felt like a fish in a fish bowl. I had the Potato/Cheese Soup and the Grilled Steak Sandwich, my Neice had the PB&J "Palette"...........

    In spite of the rave reviews, the Potato/Cheese Soup is nothing to write home about. They use the same "Cream of Potato" stock that EVERY chain restaurant in the world uses and add some chunks of potato, some cheese, bacon bits and sour cream - it's not that it's bad, it's just nothing special.....

    The Steak Sandwich is basically chopped/grilled strips/chunks of steak on a french roll w/ pepper jack cheese - they serve it w/ some A-1 on the side - it's like carne asada w/out the spices. The sandwich was pretty good, the portions were good, I enjoyed it. Again, our server was really good at re-filling my Diet Coke and once came up unsolicited w/ another Diet Coke saying he had forgotten the replacement he gave me was regular Coke, not Diet!

    Tab was $26.00 before tip - Also, we saw Oscar come out and mingle, he was very friendly, asked everyone in the restaurant if they were enjoying their meals - took pictures with people, he is as beloved as the stories say!

    We skipped dinner to head south to San Diego - but all in all, I found the food in the parks to be better than I had previously expected. Yes, it is expensive, but not horrendous - the places we went to were pretty good for service, food was above acceptable, I had no complaints........

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    Re: Meals at DLR 8/10-8/12 - reviews

    I don't eat much in the parks but did recently do the "Character Braeakfast" at the Plaza Inn. I was amazed at how great everything tasted. Was also surprised to see that the Character Breakfastt was an all-you-can-eat! It didn't look like a buffet/cafateria so I assumed that it was on a one-plate policy. I got free refills on orange juice (that NEVER happens at any restaurant I ever go to!) and even had them make me a couple of omelettes (seperate plates though). The biscuits and gravy tasted fantastic and I had ZERO complaints or comments on how it could have been better than it was.

    Knowing this, I was a chaperone on a recent Grad Nite at DL and chaperone's are given a complimentary breakfast at the Plaza Inn for their service. I anxiously visited the restaurant about 2:00 a.m. and proceeded to get a little of everything. I was flabberghasted at just how awful this complimentary meal was. I dove into the biscuits and gravy only to be spitting it out into a napkin seconds later. There was no taste!!! The biscuits were like rocks while the gravy had none of the "gravy" taste. If there was a taste to it, it was the taste of the metal tin it came in. Bacon was okay but limp/raw-ish. Sausage was a bit overcooked and had a slight "jerky" consistency. No complaints about the homemade cheese omelette other than it looked like they were rationing the cheese. She cook placed one teaspoon of grated cheese in my omelette and proceeded to spread out the shread's. It tasted okay (with a little salt and pepper) but I really couldn't taste the cheese. The juice fountains were closed but we were told that we could get sodas or those small juice boxes. The desserts consisted of some poppyseed muffins and some other forms of breads. I was almost unable to eat anything that they were offering other than the sausages and the juice boxes. I watched a lady sit down at the table beside me. She had 4 different things on her plate. She tried the first item and made a frown. She then turned her plate a quarter turn and sampled the next item. I can't remember what it was, off hand, but she spit it into her napkin. Again, the quarter turn and again the "yuck" face. One bite of each so far. Then she sampled a piece or two of the fresh fruit slices she put on her plate and then spit it out as well. She then pushed her plate away for the busboy to get it. A few seconds later, while sipping her coffee, our eyes met. I asked "Not very good?" and she answered "Garbage!". Then she added "At least the coffee is tolerble". I told her that my meal was consisting of juice boxes, at least they were drinkable. "That's because Disney didn't make them" was her final response.

    Lord help us if Disney gets so stingy as to serve that food for their Character Breakfasts. I would demand my money back. The food that evening (at Grad Nite) was abominable! People were gagging on it! I do believe that that will be the most memorable meal I will ever have at DLR. Unfortunately.
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