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Best good neighbor hotels?

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  • [Chat] Best good neighbor hotels?

    Hi everyone!

    In about a month I will be going to TDL, would like to stay the weekend, but having a hard time figuring out which hotels are the best ones to stay out near by?

    I want to have the reviews based on personal opinions if you guys can!

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    Re: Best good neighbor hotels?

    Sheraton(Inn at the Park)...........Very nice. Comfortable beds, very clean rooms and a pool area that almost rivals some of the Resort pools. Good, reasonably priced family restaurant too. Drawbacks......close to convention center, so if there is a big convention in town the public areas might get a little crowded.

    Hilton Towers..............Big. Nice rooftop pool with plenty of hot tubs. Several restaurant choices and a good sized gift shop too. Next door to Convention center. Drawbacks..........elevators are so slow. Conventions can overrun the public areas sometimes. Restaurants are pricy. Most rooms only have double beds not queens. The place feels kinda like a mall or airport more than a hotel.

    Howard Johnson...........Very close to Disneyland. Lush grounds and two nice sized pools. Rooms are pretty clean usually.'s seems close enough to walk that you may find yourself too impatient to wait for the shuttle....but sometimes the walk turns out to be longer than it seemed it would be Once in a blue moon you may find the maid service lacking.

    Those are the 3 "off-property" hotels I am most familiar with.....hope it helps a little
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      Re: Best good neighbor hotels?

      An excllent question that many of us wrestle with.

      Are you looking for a ranking of the top hotels out of all the Good Neighbor hotels? Or are you only interested in knowing about the ones in a specific area like Harbor Blvd or north of Katella?

      I've stayed at several and will rank the ones I've been to in this order:

      1.) Hyatt Regency OC - Harbor and Chapman

      The good - Beautiful facility, very nice rooms and comfy beds. close to many good restaurants and a Target for vacation supplies and snacks.

      The bad - Very small pools for the size of the property, expensive self-parking and shuttle dependent since it is too far to walk.

      2.) Anaheim Hilton Convention Center - Harbor near Katella

      The good - Friendly staff, great facility, excellent rooms and beds that feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

      The bad - A dungeon-like self-parking garage with a fairly steep $14 per day self-parking fee.

      3.) Crowne Plaza OC - Garden Grove - Harbor and Chapman

      The good - Usually the least expensive 3 1/2* Good Neighbor hotel. Good facility, clean rooms, close to many good restaurants and a Target for vacation supplies and snacks.

      The bad - Rooms are a bit tired looking. Phones and TVs are glitchy. Pool area can be noisey and crowded with smoking partiers in the evening. Self-Parking can be a bit of a hike and is dimly lit at night. They also have a time-share salesman sitting at what is labeled as a "concierge" desk. They had the uncomfortable habit of calling my room and pressuring me into coming down to listen to their pitch and earn a "valuable coupon book" anytime I was on the internet during the day. It felt very pushy and big-brother-ish.

      4.) Holiday Inn Anaheim on Manchester next to I5

      The good - Rooms were very clean and comfortable but a bit on the small side. Very nice pool and on-site restaurant. Best part was NO resort fee!

      The bad - Located right next to I5 takes away some of the feeling of being on vacation. Propert is a bit distant from the shops and restaurants that are so convenient to properties on Harbor Blvd. The parking lot had a serious ant problem with ants that would crawl inside cars if there was any hint of food crumbs or spilled soda in your rental car.

      There really wasn't anything about this property that would keep me from staying there again. It was very nice for a 3* property. I would just be very careful to make sure my car had no food whatsoever in it if I parked a car there in the future which can be tricky for us with kiddos in their own booster seats.

      These were all good places and I would happily stay at any of them again in the future. Each one has its own peculiar good and bad points.

      I'll be at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Anaheim this week and will let you know how that compares. I hope that helps. If you have particular properties you are interested in let us know as that helps narrow it down a bit.
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        Re: Best good neighbor hotels?

        btw....the hotels are near Disneyland in California...if you are requesting information regarding Tokyo Disneyland you may have better luck posting this over in the Tokyo Disneyland forum
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