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Gluten-Free FINALLY!!


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  • Gluten-Free FINALLY!!

    Hello All,

    I have an allergy to wheat/gluten. When I go to Dland I normally order things without the bun, or just a salad. Last night I went to the hot dog place in CA Ad. As normal I ordered a hot dog with no bun, they asked me if I had an allergy to which I of course confirm. THEY THEN OFFERED ME A GLUTEN FREE BUN!! I have not had any type of breading for over 5 years out in a public place!!

    I am not sure why they aren't listing this as an option anywhere! I had to share for all those out there who share in the allergy... it was such a big deal!

    I also noticed that they are offering "Minnies gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies"

    Just had to share!!
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    Re: Gluten-Free FINALLY!!

    that is so awesome!!! I have a lot of food allergies and a lot of places act like why is she asking about ingrediants like this but to have someone ask you like that is totally great!!!!
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      Re: Gluten-Free FINALLY!!

      Go to city hall or guest services. They have an actual list they will give you on where to dine and what they offer.


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        Re: Gluten-Free FINALLY!!

        My wife is also Gluten Intolerant, so we always make it a point to order the gluten free items they carry at the different restaurants, just so they keep them on the menu. In Disneyland at City Hall you can get a list of all the food items that are gluten free at each restaurant. Award Weiners is listed as having a gluten free bun, but every time we have asked, they said they were out.

        The hamburger on the Gluten Free bun at Storyteller Cafe is EXCELLENT! Don't order it anywhere else though, it's terrible elsewhere.

        Also, we bought those Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are HORRIFICLY BAD! They taste like powdered milk, powdered toothpaste and chalk. They are so bad that I couldn't get it out of my mouth fast enough, and I am a cookie fanatic.
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