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Cortona Inn


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  • Trip Report Cortona Inn

    If you guys are looking for good priced hotel to stay at on your trip I definitely recommend Cortona Inn. My family and I stayed there last year and were VERY happy.

    They have an amazing continental breakfast which includes, fruit, danishes, donouts, cereal, oatmeal, waffles, biscuits and gravy, juices, coffee, and boiled eggs.

    They have a hot tub and a pool.

    Their rooms were VERY clean.

    We paid about 50-60 a night.

    It isn't really walking distance from the park, and you can't see the fireworks at night but I think its worth it for the price!

    My Disneyland trips:

    Disneyland 1995 - 5 days

    Disneyland 1996 - 5 days

    Disneyland 1998 - 5 days

    Disneyland 2000 - 14 days

    Disneyland 2002 - 14 days

    Disneyland 2003 - 15 days

    Disneyland 2004- 3 days

    Disneyland 2005 - 30 days

    Disneyland 2007 - 21 days

    Disneyland 2008 - 8 days

    Disneyland 2009 - 16 days

    Disneyland 2010 - 5 days

    Next Disneyland trip:

    Leaving for California on September 8 at 5:30am with my 2 baby brothers, cousin, step dad, mother, and older brother..

    Driving down and arriving in burbank in the evening of September 9. Spending the first week with my grandparents in Burbank experiencing One day of Universal Studios, One day of Disneyland, Hollywood, and Jay Leno.

    September 16-Oct 1 is ONLY Disneyland every single day. Family members will be coming and joining throughout the time were there to spend a few days with us here and there in Disneyland.

    I can't wait!!!!!

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    Re: Cortona Inn

    Got a good rate & stayed at the Cortona Inn November 2010. The staff, room interior, parking, and breakfast were nicer than most small hotels surrounding Disneyland/DCA. When they say "free wifi," it is not in your hotel room; only in the main building/lobby. I liked that the hotel is pushed back from Harbor Blvd., yet it's easy to catch the ART bus to the parks (was $4. for all day).


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      Re: Cortona Inn

      I too stayed at the Corton Inn and Suites back in June. The price was reasonable and the rooms were nice. The only negative thing about my experience was that the floors are carpeted and they have nasty grime caked on it. I'd come back from a long day at the parks and want to take my shoes off and walking around just for 6 minutes left my feet almost completely black. I'd recommend keeping your socks or shoes on when walking around.

      Other than that, it was a nice place to stay.

      Originally posted by xthinkofmefondly View Post
      It isn't really walking distance from the park, and you can't see the fireworks at night but I think its worth it for the price!
      It's about a 15-20 minute walk. What we did was buy an ART (Anaheim Resort Transit) pass. There is a shuttle that stops in front of the hotel but it still has to make another 4 stops before hitting the parks. The Marriot right next door also offers a shuttle and it only makes one stop if that before reaching the parks. If you stay at the Cortona, get the shuttle pass and then go next door and wait for that shuttle.

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        Re: Cortona Inn

        I stayed in the Cortona in October of 2008. It was a nice hotel. They fubar'd our reservations though, but to our advantage. We ended up getting an upgrade free of charge. I wasn't a fan of how far it was from the park, but the ART made it a bit easier. I prefer closer stays so I can walk though. The room was average, nothing to write home about. The beds were bit on the stiff side for me though...
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