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Holiday Inn Anaheim (on Walnut) Review


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  • Holiday Inn Anaheim (on Walnut) Review

    Just checked into the hotel, here's a quick little review and I'll add more during the weekend.

    Got in around 1030ish in the morning. Check in was easy, room was already available. Got a room on the first floor. The room is good sized and obviously has been recently remodeled. Only down side is the view - a big brown cement block wall.

    There is a shell station with a 24 hour Alberto's Mexican Food next door. Grabbed some lunch at the Alberto's. Not bad however, when I went they were out of cheese never heard of a mexican place being out of cheese. Got a few burritos and then a 2 litre of soda at the shell.

    Going to take a short nap and then will walk down to downtown disney.

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    Re: Holiday Inn Anaheim (on Walnut) Review

    ok, An update.

    There is no way to get into the Mickey & Friends structure from the hotel. To get to the park you can take ART - not bad, the hotel is the first stop so it's perfect seeing how they tend to use the smaller trollys and reach max capacity.

    Walking to the park wasn't bad. I timed it several times and it was 11 minutes from the door to my room to the Downtown Disney Monorail station. The walk down Walnut and Magic Way is a nice quiet tree covered one.

    The rooms are quiet, never heard another guest. The wi-fi is free and of decent speed. The pool and hot tub are nice. If you want to enjoy it kid free, visit before 530pm - that seems to be when they all come back from the park.

    I didn't get the chance to try the bar or diner in the hotel but it looked nice and seemed to be popular. The staff was friendly. The night clerk was nice enough to put my priority club number in my reservation even though mine was booked through priceline - was told that the resort fees ($10) a day are still good for earning points. Though they still haven't posted to my account.

    Once my PC# was in, I started getting a daily coupon for a free coffee from the hotel diner.

    All in all, I would have no issues staying there again. Clean, modern up-scale, close to the park but situated to where it's quiet. Only down side was there weren't many placed to eat within quick walking distance, put they had several menus of places in the room that would deliver.


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      Re: Holiday Inn Anaheim (on Walnut) Review

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