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  • AP Questions

    I have a couple questions that I think will help clear up some confusion I'm experiencing with AP discounts. Currently, do Deluxe Pass holders get any discounts on merchandise? Also, are the discounts for restaurants 10 and 15% (for Deluxe and Premium respectively) like the website says? I feel like I remember some discussion about special discounts being extended and am unsure. Any searches on the topic turned up info that is out of date.

    Also, do any nearby hotels give discounts to AP holders aside from the Disney owned hotels?

    I think thats it for now. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: AP Questions

    One bump before surrender.


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      Re: AP Questions

      I don't get to the parks as often as I'd like, but I think the merchandise discount for the DAP is over. I was there in September but I honestly don't remember if I got the discount then or not.

      Restaurant discounts with the DAP are 10%.

      Howard Johnson has an AP discount (in addition to a discount for MiceChatters ). I'm not sure if any of the other area hotels offer discounts for AP's or not.

      Thats as much as I know...

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        Re: AP Questions

        And I thank you greatly for your help!