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Abbys Anaheimer Inn - walking to parking lot


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  • [Question] Abbys Anaheimer Inn - walking to parking lot

    Hi all-

    Are "we" able to walk into the CM parking lot off Katella? We are staying at the Anaheimer and were told by hotel staff we could walk through the parking lot and catch a parking lot tram.

    I've seen it on Google Earth and it looks like we'd be able to just walk through but wanted to be sure.


    Also has anyone ever stayed here?

    33 days until Disneyland!!!

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    Re: Abbys Anaheimer Inn - walking to parking lot

    Yeah, that lot isn't really blocked off. Its connected to a regular guest lot as well. but there isn't really a parking tram to catch anywhere near there. Just walk through Downtown Disney to the front of the park. That would be easier and faster.
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