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DL/Knott's trip, Dec 8-10, on the cheap but with questions.


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  • DL/Knott's trip, Dec 8-10, on the cheap but with questions.

    Hey Guys! Due to CHEAP plane tickets (Southwest) me and my friend decided to book a DL/Knott's trip in December (never been to Knott's). I have always heard that DL is slowest in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I jumped on the opportunity to go. I should mention I am a 23 year old male and my friend is a 21 year old female, both from Scottsdale, Arizona. I am in law enforcement and she is in the restaurant business.

    One could say I am slightly obsessed with going when the parks are slow and ride queues are very minimal as I like to make the most of the trip. I decided on Wednesday, December 8 - Friday December 10. I am banking on the fact that most all schools are still in session, there are no major events going on and it will be weekdays.

    I tried to plan the trip on the cheap and think I did pretty well, figured I would share with you what I have so far. Keep in mind I have only booked the plane tickets so if anyone has better ideas for lodging, tickets and/or transportation please feel free to share your insight.

    The plan is to leave PHX at 725AM on Wednesday, arriving at Orange County at 745AM (gotta love the time travel!) Take a SuperShuttle from the airport to the hotel (Comfort Inn Maingate), arriving sometime around 900-915. Hotel said we could drop our luggage in their office before heading out to the park. Plan is to buy Anaheim Resort Transit tickets to get around for the three days. Hope to take the ART to DL, then board Metro Bus 460 to get us to Knott's Berry Farm (I have never been). Will be in Knott's from 1000-600PM. Take the bus back to DL and check out Downtown Disney at night.

    Thursday: ART from hotel to DL, in the park from 0900-0745PM(ish). Then planning to hop over to DCA to check out World of Color, then head back to the hotel.

    Friday: ART from hotel to DL, in at 0800. Ride the major rides for two hours before hoping over to DCA at 1000 till 430ish. ART back to hotel and SuperShuttle back to airport for 725PM takeoff.

    BUDGET TIME: I think I am doing pretty well here, as always, open to suggestions...

    -Flight - $30 each way!! $81 per person, Total: $162
    -SuperShuttle - Total: $40, roundtrip, 2 people, including tip.
    -Hotel (Comfort Inn Maingate) - close to DL, has decent breakfast, good reviews, cheap - $47 a night, Total: $110
    -ART (Anaheim Resort Shuttle) - Total: $20 for 2 people, 3 days.
    -Disney tickets - $161 each for 2 day park hopper - Total: $322
    -Knott's tickets - $35 per person, online deal - Total :$70
    -Metro Bus - $3 round trip, per person - Total: $6

    TOTAL: $730 = $365 each (would have been $338 without park hopper, however friend REALLY wants to see World of Color)

    Questions: If I have not completely bored you and you happen to find a few minutes I would be incredibly gracious to any insight you can provide.

    1- Thoughts on crowds during this time, has anyone been during weekdays (including Friday) in early December? I feel great about Wed at KBF but a little worried about Thurs and Fri at DL/DCA. Slow to me would be no more than 20-25 min queue at Indiana, SM, TOT etc.

    2- Any thoughts on changing days around at each park or better schedule? It was a little tough with only 2 day tickets and W of C being mandatory.

    3- How reliable is the ART shuttle, does it really come every 20 minutes?

    4- How early do we need to get to W of C on Thursday? DCA closes at 8, however show is at 815..? Do they still have FP's for preferred seating at Grizzly?

    5- What kind of traffic should we expect on the SuperShuttle from the hotel to airport on Friday around 530. If we leave the hotel around 530 should we be able to get to the airport at 6 for 725 takeoff?

    6- Obviously the biggest expense is the Disney Tickets. Anyone have ideas for cheaper? I would love to get 3 day PH, but its $181. I saw the Costco deal but looks like you need to be SoCal resident to get it.

    7- How are water rides in Winter, do they turn the water down so you don't get so soaked or is a poncho a necessity?

    THANK YOU for reading and THANK YOU in advance for any insight you can provide. Really looking forward to the trip and you guys are helping to make it better!

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    Re: DL/Knott's trip, Dec 8-10, on the cheap but with questions.

    Welcome to MiceChat! Looks like you've done a great job planning your trip and you got some great deals! I can't answer every questions, but I'll take a stab and what I can...

    1. You're coming early enough in the month that mid week should not be to bad. It will still be a bit busy, but nothing like the weekends or the week right before the holidays. Friday will be busy, more so than Wed. or Thurs but I'm not sure if Knotts will be as busy on a Friday or not. Its been years since I've been to Knotts so... But early December all of the Christmas decorations will be up, and the park will be in full holiday mode! It will be beautiful!

    2. See above... not sure if doing Disneyland Wed/Thurs and Knotts Friday would be better or not. Maybe someone more familiar with the human traffic patterns at Knotts could fill in on this.

    3. I use the ART shuttles almost every time I'm in Anaheim. Even if I stay at the Quality Inn right across the street from HoJo's which is a pretty easy walk to the park. (First thing in the morning its an easy walk. Late at night after 16 hours in the park... not so much.)

    I've never had a lot of issues with the ART system. Depending on the route, they are usually pretty close to the 20 minute estimate. There was one route that was consistently late (I think they've changed up the routes since then), and they can get backed up due to having to deal with wheelchairs and unforeseen traffic and such, but they are probably around 80% on time.

    4. This one I'm not so sure of. I think they will still be doing fastpasses for the show, and if so it will be printed on the ticket when to show up for whatever section you are in. I think its like an hour before?? Again, I'm not to clear on this. The only time I saw the show I got one of the picnic meal passes, but it seems like I had to show up 1-1.5 hours before the show started to get into my section.

    5. 5:30 PM?? If you have to take the 5 to get to the airport (John Wayne?) You're going to be smack dab in the middle of rush hour. If you're coming from Phoenix, then you know about rush hour traffic. Anaheim is at least as bad if not worse around the resort that time of the evening. I've seen the 5 at a stand still almost, and on a Friday evening?? Yeah... it can be pretty bad. But not knowing exactly what route the shuttle takes to get to the airport, I can't be 100% sure of my answer on this one either.

    6. Disney doesn't discount tickets hardly at all any more. The only place you might get a better deal is maybe though some kind of work or union offering. And even those don't always save you much.

    7. Personally I avoid the water rides in the winter... but I do think the ones like Grizzly at least have the jets turned down a bit so you will still get wet... but not as wet.

    Of course one December my daughter wanted to ride Splash. Her fiance and I thought she was nuts... she said we wouldn't get that wet... yeah... she ended up SOAKED. And unless its one of the warm So Cal days (which does happen) you can end up being pretty miserable. Have a change of socks handy, and use a poncho if you feel the need! Better to have it and not need it!

    Hope that helped and hopefully others will have more info for you!

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