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Dining Reservations Question


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  • [Question] Dining Reservations Question

    Just wondering if DL's system is like WDW's - where you can make reservations for ALL of your meals 60 days out from the first day of your trip. Or do I have to call back every day that I want to get a reservation for? I will be staying on property.

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    Re: Dining Reservations Question

    I believe it works the same as WDW. When we were down there last February, I made all our reservation at the same time, which I think was at the limit for the first day there.
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      Re: Dining Reservations Question

      you have to call 60 days from the if part of your trip is 63 days out you can only make them for the days 60 or was a pain when i did it so i know lol
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