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Royal Street Veranda review


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  • [Review] Royal Street Veranda review

    Originally posted by me on Yelp

    It's Disneyland, you're going to end up paying $20+ for more than two people. Royal Street Veranda (from now spelled RSV) is one of the better places to eat inside of Disneyland, I'm not sure why, but Disneyland tends to have not so good food for the price it's offered at. RSV is on Royal Street on the side of Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square; the decor is akin to that of Bourbon Street in the real New Orleans, iron lace and stone streets surround the place, which if not for the huge "ROYAL STREET VERANDA" sign would probably get looked over.

    The food~
    The food is pretty good for Disneyland quality, which would be a high "OK". I really do enjoy the steak gumbo, but the gumbo isn't really authentic, its more of a "fake" gumbo while still retaining great flavor. A bread bowl with Gumbo (Steak or Vegetarian) or Clam Chowder costs $8.99, overpriced for the food, but at least it tastes good and has a great bread bowl to munch on after all the soup (I say soup, read below) is gone.

    It's not all that thick, more of a soupy consistency, it has rice, okra, steak (in the steak version), a "Cajun" base, and bell peppers. If you're totally not into spicy food then I bet I will be spicy for you, but it seriously is not spicy for a majority of people. I give the Steak/Veg gumbo a 4/5 for tasting good while filling you up, and knocking points off for not being authentic, and not thick.

    Clam Chowder~
    I was really surprised, the Clam Chowder was like the gumbo, not that thick. the chowder had a base similar to that of clam chowder in a can (and that really isn't a bad thing, I would compare it to a can of Progresso), clams aren't that many, and it has some vegetables (red bell pepper and potato) strewn about. I would rather go over the the chowder place at the Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure across the esplanade, it seems like it's a bit better there even if it is the same chowder. I give the clam chowder a 3/5 for good base taste and the vegetables, and then knocking it off for being skimpy on the clams and not all that thick.

    Trio of Fritters~
    I don't know if I got these on an off day, but these were just god-awful! $3-4 for sugared-warm (and not that good fuzzy warm, more like "its just barely heated") -balls of dough. The fruit sauce was like a thicker version of apple sauce. I give them 1/5 for the sauce and the rest was just gross. Sorry.

    Overall I give RSV a 4/5, its a good place to fill up on a cold day, or hot day at that, and for Disneyland food, it's pretty good.

    Did you like it? I've never done a review before, so I tried.

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    Re: Royal Street Veranda review

    i would of gave all the food there a 2. i never have thought it was very good.. although maybe with all this revamping of menus-maybe they are next!


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      Re: Royal Street Veranda review

      Awesome review. Thanks Mr. HBG!

      If I'm heading to a specific city/area, I always do the once over on yelp to see if anything catches my eye. Like with any site, you have to take everything with a grain of salt, but I love reviews that actually go into more detail than: Mmmm... This place is good, check it out!


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