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Bus or Drive to Knotts from DLR Hotel?


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  • [Question] Bus or Drive to Knotts from DLR Hotel?

    My family and I will be staying at The Desert Inn and Suites 06/01-06/09. Most of our time there will be at DLR, but we want to go to Knott's for a day.

    We will have a rental car, but we don't want to have to pay for parking if we don't have to. I know the bus vs the rental car both have pros and cons, but which is overall a better deal?

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    Re: Bus or Drive to Knotts from DLR Hotel?

    These are the only pros and cons I can think of:

    Pros of taking the bus:
    • Metro route #460 picks you up right out in front of the park on Harbor Blvd.
    • OCTA is another transit option if you don't prefer Metro.
    • Bus ride is short due to distance between Knott's and Disneyland Resort.

    Cons of taking the bus:
    • If you decide to take the bus on a weekend, Metro runs on a limited schedule. You may not be able to spend after dark hours at Knott's. OCTA might run on an even more limited schedule.
    • Depending on Metro and OCTA bus fares, and the number of people in your family, you may be spending the same amount of money on bus fare as you would on parking at Knott's.

    Pros of driving:
    • You can explore Orange County & Los Angeles if you'd like.
    • Putting the amount of car rental fees to good use by actually using the car.

    Cons of driving:
    • Parking fees at Knott's, Disneyland and hotel (if aaplicable)
    • Spending money on gas

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