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Convoluted AP/Park Hopper Renewal question


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  • Convoluted AP/Park Hopper Renewal question

    OK so here is our situation and I am looking for both an answer and perhaps advice on whom to call at the DLR to get the question answered.

    Our So Cal Premier (or whatever the $239 pass is called) AP expires on or about may 15

    We are taking the kids (2) up to the resort for three days - 6/10 through 6/12. Dates are not negotiable.

    Deluxes are blackedout on 6/11. Our So Cal pass is also blacked out on the 10th and the 11th

    They are offering us $20 off to renew to Deluxe now with a pretty meaningless 20% off on merchandise $50 and over. We would not renew to Deluxe. We MIGHT use the AP for a discount at HoJos but I haven't even see what that is for the dates in question and given the good deals there I doubt it is more than $20-30.


    What I want to know is there anything that would preclude us from letting our APs expire, getting either the Costco 4 day or a three day hopper, go the 10-12th and then use that ticket media as credit toward NEW so cal passes (with a renewal date the first day we use that media - or June 10)? We really are not fans (most of the time) of summer/Saturdays so the so cal really does usually works just fine. If we used the Costco pass we would like go a 4th blacked out day in the summer prior to converting. Indeed, that is what we did last year when we got APs for the first time in a decade.

    Thoughts? Am I missing something critical?

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    Re: Convoluted AP/Park Hopper Renewal question

    Get the 4-day Costco Pass, then convert to an AP on your 4th day. You only lose out on third day discounts on merch, but you can choose not to buy anything until Day 4.


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