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best place to buy tickets?

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  • best place to buy tickets?

    Gonna be in Socal the 13th through 17th.

    I have one day at the parks, and was shocked to find that a one day park hopper is more than 100 dollars. I know that some hotels / shops close to the park offer slight ticket discounts, so I was wondering where I could find the best deal for 4 1 day park hopper tickets.


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    Re: best place to buy tickets?

    If you are using all four of them for yourself, then I suggest Costco.
    Otherwise, there are no huge discounts. This isn't Knott's or Uni or SFMM.

    I'll also suggest the one-park option, so less of your day is spent walking from one park to the other.

    Local Von's has $10 off or something like that.

    Or, buy an AP, and plan another few trips.


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      Re: best place to buy tickets?

      No great deals for a one day pass. I've heard Auto club gets you free parking but i have no way to confirm that. If you are military there are some discounts if you buy tickets on the base, but pretty much its $101 for a single day park hopper.
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        Re: best place to buy tickets?

        ok so I get into Anaheim somewhat late, and I would like to buy tickets the night before to avoid any hassle the day of... would the ticket windows be open at like 10pm? Or are there any stores I could go to that sell the tickets at face value?

        thanks for all the help


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          Re: best place to buy tickets?

          You can buy a ticket online. Today. Good for any day.