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a few questions


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  • a few questions

    Okay, so I know I can probably find most of these answers in other threads, but to be honest, I'm lazy right now haha anywho, I have been to Disneyland plenty of times, but I have a few questions about my upcoming vacation. My boyfriend and I are 99.9% sure we'll be able to make it to Disneyland in mid October and since we have never been there that time of year, we just need some advice.

    First, we plan on getting a 2 day park hopper and I have heard that sometimes prices rise near the end of summer, so my first question is, should we buy them now or within this month? I've read that they are valid through December 2011, but I get paranoid lol

    Second, of the 2 days we are going, one of the nights there is the Halloween Event. I think I heard tickets go on sale July 1st? Does anyone know by chance the projected prices?

    Lastly, this trip is being done on the cheap so to speak. We plan on staying at the Quality Inn and I know they have a complimentary breakfast which helps out A LOT, but we're wondering what to do for lunch/dinner. We planned on eating at Cafe Orleans one of the days, but there is just so much food. Can you share/split lunch there?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
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    Re: a few questions

    You're concerned about some small amount of dollars (proabbly about $10 total)? If so, you should rethink coming to Disneyland at all.

    You can buy tickets now if this is that important. They should be good for a year. After first day's use, the remaining days expire within 15 days.

    I usually snack for either lunch or dinner, and eat big for the other meal. Meals outside the park can be had much cheaper than in the park. There's a Subway within walking distance. Spilt a $5 footlong, for example.


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      Re: a few questions

      It depends on what you get at Cafe Orleans. I went recently and split a Monte Cristo with a friend. It was plenty! It says on the menu they charge a split plate fee, but the waiters there always tell us to just order the food and an extra plate and they waive the fee. they will even bring you an extra blackberry compote if you ask!

      Some of the other entree's look smaller though and not conducive to splitting IMHO
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