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  • [Question] good neghbor hotel

    which good neghbor hotel you think is the best one to stay at? any experiences with any of them?

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    Re: good neghbor hotel

    The link below (MiceChat's Hotel forum) will give you some good information about Good Neighbor Hotels around the DLR.

    So. Cal. Hotel Reviews
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      Re: good neghbor hotel

      thank couldnt find this thread


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        Re: good neghbor hotel

        Here's a link that shows the list of Good Neighbor Hotels recognized by Disneyland.

        Good Neighbor Hotels | Disneyland Resort

        And here's one showing them on a map with a rough idea of where they are. (The Disneyland link also shows them on a map)

        Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotel Map and List

        Of the "Good Neighbor Hotels" the ones I've stayed at over the recent years are The Anabella, Candy Cane, Howard Johnson, and the Quality Inn. I've also stayed at the Ramada Plaza on Katella, but its not listed as a "good neighbor" hotel. I've also stayed at the Anaheim Plaza and liked it, but its not a "Good Neighbor" hotel either.

        I thought I had done review threads on the Quality Inn and Ramada... but can't find them now...

        I haven't stayed at the Anabella for a few years, but its a very nice hotel. Rooms are a bit small, but very clean and comfortable. Its within walking distance of the park, but is also serviced by the ART line. (Anaheim Resort Transit)

        The Candy Cane is a lot of peoples favorite. Again, the rooms are smallish, but clean and well done. The staff is always very helpful, and they have their own shuttle that runs every 30 minutes. They are very close to the park, and a short walk, but at the end of the day the shuttle is a nice thing to have. They have a standard contential breakfast, but the breakfast room is small so you need to get there early. I don't remember if they charge for parking, since its been a few years since I stayed there.

        Howard Johnson is one of our great sponsors of this site. If you mention MiceChat when you book your reservation, you get a discount. Its a beautiful hotel. Rooms are clean, comfortable beds, great staff... and for the kids they have a really wonderful pool play area! They are an easy walk to the park, but are also services by the ART system so you don't have to walk back at the end of a long day. Parking is free.

        The Quality Inn is my normal go to place when I'm there. There are a few downsides, but its usually one of the cheapest places close to the park. You can find rooms as cheap as around $50 a night (sometimes less) and using will help you find good prices. (Disclaimer... I have a Choice Privileges Card for the chain so I get a bit more discount).

        The downsides. The rooms are very small, and it is an older motel. They have been doing a lot of remodeling lately, but not so much in the rooms. The rooms have always been clean but do show signs of age. Its also very close to the 5 freeway so if you get a room close to the front, if you are sensitive to noise you will hear the traffic all night. (I'm hard of hearing so it doesn't bother me.)

        The ups. The staff has always been wonderful when I've been there. Very helpful and friendly. They have a contential breakfast too, but they also have a hot waffle bar where you can make your own waffles in addition to the cereal, toast, muffins and fruit. They only have two waffle makers, so you might have to wait your turn. But the breakfast room is a nice size, and they also have seating outside. The fruit they usually have is sometimes limited too. They only charge around $2 for parking I think it is now.

        Some pics I took of the room in 2009:

        Forgot to mention... Quality Inn isn't officially serviced by the ART line, but they are right across the street from HoJo's who is. If you have the ART tickets, you can just walk across the street and catch the shuttles there. They sell the ART passes at HoJo, but you have to stay at that hotel in order to buy them. Otherwise I just order them ahead of time and have them mail them to me.
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          Re: good neghbor hotel

          I also prefer the HoJo. The rooms are clean and spacious, and I've used their convenience store more than once. The Mimi's next door is a great place for breakfast. The MiceChat discount is available here, and if you want to splurge, request a theme park view room on the 7th floor:


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