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Get me to the Greek! (parking question)


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  • [Question] Get me to the Greek! (parking question)

    This Friday, the 19th my partner and I have plans to go see Death Cab For Cutie at the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park. It has been ages since I have been there, and I want to be able to park there. I recently passed it the other day as we were going to visit the Griffith Observatory, and I noticed that there wasn't a lot of parking.

    The Greek Theatre website says that you can park there for $15 but that the parking is stacked. I'm not too sure I'm crazy about that. They say there is another regular parking lot for $20 but that this fills up quick -- and this lot opens two hours before show time. I think this $20 is the best option but should we seriously show up 2 hours before the show? It starts at 7:30 which means we would need to be there by 5:30. I don't mind getting there so early but this seems almost too early to me.

    Another option is the dine and ride where you eat from a prix fixe menu at one of the nearby restaurants and they will shuttle you to the concert, but most of these are priced around $50 each - a little too high for our taste during a time where we really have to be budget-conscious.

    I am thinking the best bet is to get there two hours early, park in the $20 lot and just wait around. But if anyone has some better suggestions that would be great to hear.


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    Re: Get me to the Greek! (parking question)

    Yes, the parking at the Greek sucks. There's no easy way. Good news is the place only holds 6000 people, so it's maybe an hour or so afterward to get out.

    Off the top of my head.
    1. Find parking down below Los Feliz and take a not-death cab.
    2. Find a few more people going to the concert, and take the largest vehicle among you, and tailgate. Split the parking fee.
    3. Find parking below Los Feliz, and hitchhike for $5, to pay for part of the parking.


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      Re: Get me to the Greek! (parking question)

      So, how did it go??


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