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Toddler + Rain = Good Idea or Bad Idea?!

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  • [Question] Toddler + Rain = Good Idea or Bad Idea?!

    Hi everyone!

    My family decided on a trip to Disneyland this coming weekend (Saturday, 11/12) and have constantly been checking the weather reports. It is now saying there's a 60% chance of rain!

    We have our toddler (15 month old daughter) that will be with us and I've been trying to find blogs/posts about any past experiences others have had with rain and a toddler. We are leaning towards a no but I just wanted to get any feedback from others who may have been through the same situation and went.


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    Re: Toddler + Rain = Good Idea or Bad Idea?!

    I loved bringing my kids when it was raining and there were that age. Bring umbrellas, poncho, covered stroller and warm clothes. There are plenty of "dry" attractions you can enjoy like Tiki Room, innoventions, and some in DCA too.

    I'd do it! I fact I did quite a few times.


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      Re: Toddler + Rain = Good Idea or Bad Idea?!

      It's only rain.

      If it were acid rain, then yeah, don't go out in it.

      This weekend is likely to be crowded anyway, what with it being Veteran's Day weekend for some.