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December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

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  • [Question] December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

    Hello Again Micechat,

    I'll be going to The Disneyland Resort on the 30th and 31st. I already know that it's going to be crowded, but my question is how to expect the wait times for rides to be on the 30th knowing that it will most likely rain a little bit on that day. Also, how should I go about going around the park? I would like to know if it's going to be possible to park hop to DCA on either of these days. If anybody has been here on New Years before, (Which I'm sure there are) is it still enjoyable, or do the crowds kind of take away from the experience. I don't live in SoCal, so I can't really just "forget about it and leave" so keep that in mind.

    At this point in time, any feedback at all would be great, regardless of if you've been here before or not.

    Thank you

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    Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

    Here are some recommendations:

    The 30th will not be as bad as the 31st. So try to do as much as possible on the 30th so that on the 31st you can just take your time and visit the attractions that you want to do again.
    Do most of Disneyland on the 30th, as the 31st will be much busier at DL than at DCA
    Get there EARLY. If the park opens at 8am get there by 730. By getting there early it will be easier for you to get into the park and experience attractions that usually have a longer line later in the day.
    Park Hopping shouldn't be a problem, but to be on the safe side try to stay at one park for a longer period of time.
    Avoid eating during normal eating hours. Example have lunch at 11 or 130 instead of 12
    On the 31st I would recommend getting a Fastpass for the NYE World of Color show. If it is anything like last year this is a show you won't want to miss.
    Visit my website for more advice and email or PM me if you have any specific questions.
    Also READ the FP information on my site it will help immensely

    Disneyland Plan of attack on the 30th:
    * One person gets a FP for Star Tours others get in line for Star Tours and the one person can meet up when the group gets to the entrance of the building
    * FP for Space Mountain
    * Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, Snow White, Pinnochio, Alice, Matterhorn, Holiday Small World
    * FP for Splash Mountain
    * Haunted Mansion, Pirates
    * FP for Indy
    * Lunch (recommend Hungry Bear or Golden Horseshoe FYI the show is GREAT fun), Mark Twain, FP for Big Thunder,
    * Use FP for Splash, Jungle Cruise
    * Use FP for Indy
    * Get a Dole Whip and one person get a FP for any other ride you want to do twice
    * Head to DCA.
    * get a FP for Soarin
    * ride Grizzly
    * ride Screamin, Toy Story Mania, Symphony Swings, get FP for Goofy
    * Dinner... I recommend the new PP eating area
    * use FP for Goofy, ride Little Mermaid, use FP for Soarin
    * Muppets 3D, Aladdin (if showtime is near), Tower of Terror, Bugs 3D
    * back to DL
    * use FP for Thunder, FP for Space Mountain, and FP for Star Tours.
    You are now free to do what you like and it should be close to fireworks time and if you like you can see the second show of Fantasmic at 1030 or see the third show that may be available since it is a busy day at the park.
    31st follow the same plan but at a slower pace by doing the attractions you liked the day before and make time to get the FP for the NYE World of Color


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      Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

      Thanks for all the information, I'll be sure to check out your site quite a few times as the plans seem to really well-thought out. I have a few questions.

      First of all, How would the Star Tours FP deal work, because it sounds like you just want one person to get a fast pass while everyone waits in line, and then have that one person use that fast pass even though everybody already waited in line. I'm just wondering how long that line would be first thing in the morning on a day like the 30th.

      Also, has this particular plan worked previously on days with these kinds of crowds for December 30th? I just want to make sure that 30th is more crowded that what were expecting because the 30th still sounds pretty crowded.

      Again, thank you so much for all the information and I will often be checking your website from now until the time of my trip.


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        Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

        The plan on my Mouse Expedition website is easier with a human guide from Mouse Expedition, but it can be done by a novice as well. Its all about understanding what is being said or written on my website. Of course some plans need to be changed on the fly. For example an attraction breaks down when it was next on the list so you need to adjust the plan accordingly.

        Crowds really don't matter if you follow the plan and you get there early. Being there at 9 instead of 8 changes a lot of things. The 30th will be crowded, but nothing will compare to the 31st. If you get to the park early enough on the 30th you will not really notice the crowd until 930am. Also keep in mind that the park may sellout so confirm with the Cast Member at the Disneyland exit that it will be OK to Park hop and get back to Disneyland later in the day. I would also remember the CM's name in case things go wrong when you try to get back in.

        Star Tours FP:
        The point of Fastpass with my plan is to collect as you go. You can read more about this on the FP Guide section of my website.
        One person who retrieves and collects the FP for everyone is the way to go (FP Runner). For Star Tours the runner will be collecting the FP for the next ride on Star Tours. He will then meet you in line as you get to the entrance door. There is an opening for the FP runner to jump in line with you before you enter the building (he will not need to use a FP at all). The Stand By wait time for Star Tours at opening is around 30 minutes which should give the FP runner enough time to go get the pass and then meet up with you. If you get to the Star Tours entrance before the runner is done, you can just inform the Cast Member you are waiting for someone and let other guests walk by.

        Again, please read the Fastpass section of my website to understand even more.


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          Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

          I read your FP page. The reason I want to be sure is because I've never been on Star Tours, so I don't know how they handle the Flash Pass and crowds. I was thinking that the FP runner would have to use that FP to get in line with everyone else at the entrance door.

          Thanks for the other information, it really helps out a lot, I will be sure to get there at around 7:20-7:30 and go for the second-to-farthest right gate.


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            Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

            The Fastpass runner will be collecting Fastpasses for everyone in your party. The group will basically be holding the runners place in line as they go and gets the Fastpasses for everyone in his party. You do not need to use the Fastpass until later in the day.

            This can work for mutiple Fastpass attractions. For example, after you ride Star Tours your party can go get in line for Peter Pan, while the Fastpass runner gets the Fastpass for Space Mountain and then the runner can meet up with you at Peter Pan (again near the entrance to Peter Pan there is a chain that the runner can easily get over and join the party). Another example is during lunch, While someone is waiting in line ordering the food the runner goes and gets the Fastpasses for Indiana Jones and then come back and enjoy the lunch.

            Remember, The majority of guests believe that the end time on the FASTPASS ticket means that you can only use the ticket during the time listed.

            However, this is not the case and you can use the FASTPASS ticket for any time after the return time that is posted on the ticket. For example, you get a FASTPASS for Space Mountain and on the ticket it says 8am to 9am. This means that you can use the Space Mountain FASTPASS for anytime after the 8am return time or get your next FASTPASS at or after 8am. So in other words you can use this same Space Mountain FASTPASS at 6pm and it will still work.

            The idea is to collect as many FASTPASS tickets as you can in order to make your wait times less.

            I would also recommend that the runner be able to keep up. Meaning, they will be walking almost twice as much as everyone else and make sure they are able to keep track of your park tickets because if they lose that you won't be able to park hop.


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              Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

              Got it, I just want to make sure that this isn't "line jumping" since the FASTPASS won't be used, and line jumping can also be holding someone's spot. I didn't think that was any other way into Star Tours aside from the main line, and the FASTPASS line.


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                Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

                Yeah the party will use the main line for Star Tours and the runner will meet up with you in line. Later in the day when you choose to use the fastpass for Star Tours you will all use the Fastpass line.

                It shouldn't be considered jumping line because you are not cutting to be in front of someone. The majority of your party is going through the line like everyone else and letting people pass if needed. Like I said if you get to the front of the building before the runner is done just let the Cast Member know and it will be ok. The CM will most likely tell you where to stand to wait

                Another example is if someone in your party was getting out of line to use the restroom and then meeting up with in line before you get in the building. It is sort of the same thing except you are using the Fastpass to its full potential

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Star Tours Line.JPG
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ID:	7339651

                Red Line = Party Direction
                Blue Line = FP Runner Direction
                Yellow = the spot you will meet up at


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                  Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

                  Sounds good! Thanks for all the information, I needed it. I heard DL filled to capacity today, just crazy. It'll sure be an interesting experience.


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                    Re: December 30th and New Years. How should I handle this?

                    You will still have a lot of fun, just take the 31st in stride because it will be beyond busy. I would also recommend downloading the Mousewait App for iPhone or Android smartphones. It can help greatly when finding out how long the waits are and if any Fastpasses are left for the FP attractions.