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Anaheim Plaza Hotel

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  • [Question] Anaheim Plaza Hotel

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone on MiceChat has stayed at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel... It's about 5 minutes from the pedestrian enterance of Disneyland (maybe even less) & I can get a really good deal on it for my vacation through priceline.

    I was hoping someone here has stayed there & can give me a review on it...

    Thanks so much!

    xoxo Kelly
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    Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

    It is the cheapest hotel on Harbor, and you get what you pay for.

    I have stayed there many times, though not in the last 5 years or so. Dirty old rooms, low water pressure, not great service, not very comfortable beds.

    But a good price in a great location.


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      Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

      It's a dump. Probably the only hotel that hasn't done any significant renovations in the resort area. We stayed there a few years back and the rooms looked like something from the 70's. There was a big gap between the bottom of the door to the floor and the patio looked like Billy Bob from the hills backyard.
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        Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

        We've stayed there a couple times. The room was clean adn large. It is quite old, but acceptable for a crash pad. The beds are hard. The pool is very large and clean.
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          Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

          We stayed there October 2010 and June 2011 - both times were great experiences. The rooms were not at all dirty. They were all remodeled a couple years back, and yes they are old, but new furnishings. The beds were still a bit hard - true. The pool was under reconstruction in October but was all new in June.

          If you don't require "luxury" accommodations - and we don't since we stay in the room long enough to sleep, shower, and change clothes - then I'd give Anaheim Plaza a try. You may get slightly better service elsewhere, but at what cost and convenience?

          I have stayed at far worse and paid much more for it. If you would like to see some photos I took at the Plaza, contact me...


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            Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

            Its been a couple of years since I stayed there, but I never had any problems. Like others have said, it is an older property but when I was there the rooms were clean and well maintained. The rooms are very large compared to many I have stayed in, and if you are upstairs most rooms have a small balcony. The desk staff was always friendly and helpful. The only reason I haven't stayed there lately is because the Quality Inn on Manchester usually has a slightly better rate and offers a basic breakfast with waffles. They charge about the same for parking I think (Last I looked Anaheim Plaza charged $4 a day and Quality Inn is $2).

            But considering how little time you will probably be in the room its not a bad deal.

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              Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

              We've stayed there twice now, once last March, and then again this past Christmas. The rooms are old and funky, but both times the rooms were clean and everything was in working order. Last time we went we had a little patio (downstairs room) and it allowed us to open the back slider and chill while our kiddo could play for a little break from the crowds. The single best feature, the walk takes just a few minutes to get to the gate and for that price, that's saying a lot. We would and will stay there again and do recommend it.


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                Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

                It's an older hotel- no doubt. We stayed there last year and I would stay again. It's been remodeled w/ new furnishings. The rooms are huge- which you don't get at most of the newer hotels unless you are getting a suite. No breakfast. The pool is massive w/ a decent size deck (and great view of the fireworks if you called it an early night). Staff super helpful. But most important- it was clean.


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                  Re: Anaheim Plaza Hotel

                  you can get a good deal at howard johnson if you metion mice chat and its across the street from dlr.......just a thought
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