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Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

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  • Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

    Hey everyone!

    I am considering a 2 day park hopper trip to Disneyland for my Spring Break, which spans from April 6-19. I am not going for my senior trip with my high school so this will be my opportunity to hit the parks before college starts up.

    This will be my first time really planning something like this without the aide of my family (and by family, I mean my mom). I want to go with some friends and we approximately live about 6 hours north of Anaheim. We want to be as thrifty as possible.

    I wanted to know if you guys had any ideas, tips, facts, stories, ways to save, suggestions that you could share, I would really appreciate it!

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    Re: Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

    I have personally planned 4 trips for between 15 and 31 people (all friends) so this is a topic I can smile about!
    Tip: make a ride itinerary (PM me if you want a copy). Nothing wastes time like "what's next?"and "I don't wanna"s. Plus, you don't want to zig zag around the parks. Make a plan and stick to it. No your friend doesn't HAVE to ride It's A Small World, meet us riders at the exit or at the next ride.
    Make reservations when possible. Nothing makes a crowd more cranky than being hungry and finding where to eat and hoping there is no line/wait.
    I have noticed that at 8am, it's all love and happiness. At 5pm, some attitudes come out when people begin to get tired. Breaking into smaller groups isn't bad sometimes.
    Allow for 2 evening groups "show" people and "ride" people because not everyone is into Fireworks.

    The Anahiem Suites is cheap. The rooms are okay... I got a 2 person 2 queen bed room and slept in what I swear was meant to be a walk-in closet. If all you need is a bed, go there, bed was fine and the story of sleeping in the closet is good for a laugh. If you want nicer then the Hojo is lovely and usually well priced. I have also stayed at Best Western, it was good and had a Denny's type restaraunt in the parking lot (in 2008, no clue if things have changed.

    We rented a van for the 1st 2 trips I did, split the cost of rental + gas evenly and it comes out cheaper than taking multiple cars. If you're going super-saver cheap, get 1 hotel room with 2 beds and bring a few sleeping bags, 6 CAN fit in 1 room. Eat away from the park. Even Mimi's cafe is cheaper than a meal in the park. There is also a WalMart not too far away for small snack/grocery items if you want to make/bring a lunch. Stay at a hotel with "free breakfast" not anything to write about in a trip report but it's free.


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      Re: Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

      6 hours north, so Sacramento/Stockton area? I think I can help!

      1. How much do you have to spend on this trip? Once you know how much you have to spend, MAKE A BUDGET! I cannot emphasize this enough. You can do DL on the cheap, you can do it deluxe, or anything in between. It all depends on how much you have/want to spend. How much are tickets going to cost? How much can you spend per night at a hotel? Will you drive or fly?

      2. Decide exactly what dates you want to go. Spring Break will be crowded pretty much the whole time, but it may be less crowded during the week. Either way, be prepared for outrageous crowds starting at dinnertime as thousands of locals descend on the park for the Fireworks/Fantasmic! double header.

      3. Once you know how much you have to spend on a hotel, start researching. Do you want to be adventurous and use Priceline or would you rather know what hotel you're getting before you pay? There are about 50 (no kidding!) hotels on the DL strip and each one has its little quirks. Decide what you want in a hotel. Then rent your room(s).

      4. Go to - Disneyland Vacation Discount Info for current & future discounts.

      5. Go to Anaheim/Orange County Visitor Coupons | Anaheim/Orange County - Visitor Information for coupons you might find useful.

      6. Don't be afraid to ask questions, either on this board or once you get there.

      7. Have fun!
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        Re: Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

        My site Mouse Expedition can help. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
        # 1 tip... Get there at OPENING


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          Re: Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

          What do you think is the best way to go about snagging up a cheap hotel? We are young and can handle a VERY basic room that is within walking distance of the park and safe to stay at. And would it be a problem being 18 and paying for and staying at a hotel cause we are not 21?

          Is $300 a reasonable budget (for ticket and share of the room payment) for each of us if there are four people attending?

          Sorry, I have so many questions!

          Thank you for your help!


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            Re: Clueless Disneyland Trip Planner

            You may have to check around about the age requirements and possibly about someone having a credit card.
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              Ok a good hotel to stay at if your on a budget in alamo inn, google alamo in anaheim for there website, they have free continintal breakfast and is walking distance to the park. I have never spent more than 49 per night there you can even get a sweet for a little more that sleeps 6-8 people. Its a nice hotel just a little older, but to be honest most hotel around DL are older.

              By the way i live in the bay area and drive down to DL 1-2 times a month. If me and my wife use fast pass correctly we can get 80% of both parks done in 1 day, even on the busyest days. If you need a route to follow just to get every thing done let me know.

              Pack your own snacks food can be pricy and try to eat off property as much as possible.