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Trip Planning Help


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  • [Question] Trip Planning Help

    I know that people ask these questions all the time, so I'm sorry for asking these things! I looked around on the internet and had trouble finding the info I wanted, so decided I would ask here. :-)

    When would be best to plan our trip? Here is my wish list. The time where we can get as much of what we want as possible, is of course the time I'd like to aim for. I also know that things can break and go down suddenly even though it was planned to be open. I'm prepared for that disappointment.

    1.We would like to go when Carsland is open.
    2. We would like to ride HM. Classic version is preferred, but we will take HMH over not at all.
    3. We would like to ride Space Mountain, Ghost Galaxy overlay Preferred, but regular is better than nothing. (basically the opposite of how we feel about Haunted Mansion, although I am aware if we go when Ghost Galaxy is running, HMH will be as well, and that is ok.)
    4. We would like to ride Pirates of the Caribbean
    5. We would like for Fantasmic! to be on hiatus at least during the week.
    6. We would like to ride the Matterhorn
    7. We would like to ride Toy Story Midway Mania
    8. We would like to ride Star Tours

    I of course would love for everything to be just how I want it ;-) but these are the ones that we'd be bummed enough about we'd consider planning a later trip for. (Which is saying something, because I want to go very much, and as soon as possible. My hubs may be able to wait, but I want to go asap, lol) I know it's early, and who knows what can happen...but based of what you know from experience and the past, what would you guess our best window would be? We were aiming for September or October, I just don't know what the best week would be. We are open to other time suggestions that may better suit our desires as well.

    I GREATLY appreciate anyone who is able to take the time and give me some advice.
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    Re: Trip Planning Help

    I'll try to answer your wish list.

    1. Carsland is scheduled to open on June 15th but that is subject to change. A perfect example of that is WOC, it was supposed to open in March/April time frame and ended up opening in June.
    2. Classic version of HM is there now until some time in September when the will add the overlay.
    3. Ghost Galaxy overlay for SM I believe installs about mid September.
    4. I don't think Pirates is due for any major refurbs but I could be wrong.
    5. Fantasmic only runs full schedule during holiday weeks/weekends and all summer, otherwise it's on hiatus during the week.
    6. Matterhorn will be back up sometime in May or June.
    7. Not sure if TSMM is due for any refurbs this year.
    8. Not sure if Star Tours is due for any refurbs this year.

    Right after Labor Day the resort is quiet for a couple of weeks, so if you don't want crowds that is a nice time and the weather is still great. The month of October is Halloween time at the resort and it gets pretty hectic and busy. I think Ghost Galaxy overlay install is done by the end of September. Gay Days weekend is always the 1st weekend in October and its pretty busy then. I think the Mickey's trick or treat parties are a couple days a week starting in October and one of the parks will close early on those nights. That's all I can think of right now.


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      Re: Trip Planning Help

      Thank you for responding!! Your advice is helping me narrow things down. :-)

      ---------- Post added 02-12-2012 at 09:33 AM ----------

      I think I'm also going to try looking back at some of the Dateline Disneyland updates and see if I can see dates for when GG and HMH went down and opened back up in years past.

      ---------- Post added 02-12-2012 at 09:52 AM ----------

      OOkay, so it looks like HM and SM go down around the same time and open back up around the same time? Am I understanding that right? I thought they would take turns so they weren't both down at the same time...but if they DO open up around the same time then that. is. awesome! I think we will probably aim for the last week of September or the first week of October. I am sooooooooooooo excited!! I've been to Disneyland in the spring, summer and winter, so being there to see the fall/Halloween decor in person will be a first. WOO HOO!!! And hopefully it's late enough in the year Carsland will be open even if it has some delays. Fingers crossed!!!! :yea::thumbup::beg:
      * *The dreams that you wish will come true* *


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        Re: Trip Planning Help

        Keep in mind that the park tends to be quite busy the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion come back for the holiday. If you go during the week you should be fine and the attractions you want to experience should b open (including Cars Land).

        I would also recommend checking out the Happy Halloween event that Disneyland does. It should be a nice inclusion on your trip and something that most Disneyland guests never see.

        If you like your Halloween events to be scarier check out Knotts Scary Farm or Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.


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          Re: Trip Planning Help

          Thank you for your help! :-) It looks like we'll have to do the last week of September, so hopefully it will be good timing. What is the Happy Halloween event? Is that the Mickey's Trick or Treat night?
          * *The dreams that you wish will come true* *


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            Re: Trip Planning Help

            Originally posted by 1Disneylandfan View Post
            Gay Days weekend is always the 1st weekend in October and its pretty busy then.
            This year that event falls on the 5th through 7th. Halloween Parties will likely start on Spetember 28th. Official dates for the Halloween Season and Mickey's Halloween Parties are usually known in June when party tickets are offered to Annual Passholders.

            Originally posted by StarDustFairy View Post
            Thank you for your help! :-) It looks like we'll have to do the last week of September, so hopefully it will be good timing. What is the Happy Halloween event? Is that the Mickey's Trick or Treat night?
            The last week of September would serve you well. Happy Halloween event, is probably meant to be Mickey's Hallowenn Party, and yes it's like Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party in WDW that includes trick or treating.
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