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Anyone stay at the Embassy Suites (South)?

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  • [Question] Anyone stay at the Embassy Suites (South)?

    I just wanted to get some MiceChatters' opinions of this hotel. The reviews from Trip Advisor are pretty good. It's a bit more spendy than some of the area hotels, but I hear the atrium themeing and free breakfast are pretty amazing. Any input?

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    Re: Anyone stay at the Embassy Suites (South)?

    Ive got all he info you need just ASK away I work for the Walt Disney Travel Company and this is one of our GNH(good neighbor Hotels)
    The atrium is nice be sure to meet miehana who is there. At first i didnt notice it but once it moved i was like OMG lol.
    The breakfast is awesome and they give you a lot of food choices. They have about 20 items you can make your omelet with which really impressed me.
    The rooms are very nice and the staff is amazing there .
    Its in garden grove, CA about a mile away and runs its own transportation to and from the park with about four other hotels in garden grove . Price per day is $4 for adults over (12 i think) and kids are just a dollar a day.
    I believe they charge for parking but HOW they would ***** that i dont know. its an open parking lot that is shared by two hotels and one restaurant> FYI there is PLENTY of parking

    Anything else ask away, i actually have a portfolio with information from them so i maybe able to get really specific answers for you.


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      Re: Anyone stay at the Embassy Suites (South)?

      Thanks for the info Kevin! As we get closer to booking, I'm sure I'll have more questions for you


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        Re: Anyone stay at the Embassy Suites (South)?

        I stayed at the one in Ventura, or around that area a few years ago. They messed our room up twice so we got bumped up to the Presidential Sweet which was amazing. Loved the free happy hour drinks and great beach rentals.
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