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New to HoJo's...what to expect?


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  • [Question] New to HoJo's...what to expect?

    Hi all,

    OK, so I should preface this by saying that last weekend at Gumball Rally was my first time staying off-property (Holiday Inn) for a DLR trip (I know, I'm spoiled). I stayed at the DH once in 1990, took a few years off (I live close enough that hotel stays are luxuries, not necessities) and have stayed at the GCH since it opened. However, money is not in supply as it once was and for my birthday trip this year I booked at HoJo's, having heard nothing but great things from you folks!

    Now, I read through the stickied thread at the top of this page but I still had a few questions. I got early entry for the day I arrive (July 12) and I just wondered, does HoJo allow you to drop off your luggage that early in the day, or will I have to park at DLR and relocate later?

    Also its just me and my mom, but we got 2 queens, building 1 (yeah, I read about freeway noise, but living off of a major street I don't think thats gonna be a deal-breaker). How is the child-related noise level here? I know its a very family-friendly place to stay, which is great for those with children, but I don't handle screaming kids very well, especially if they wake me up (yeah, I'm *that* person).

    And finally, when I stayed at the Holiday Inn I realized how spoiled I am to the climate controlled rooms in nicer hotels. There was only a wall unit, which they turn off when you aren't in the room. Does HoJo do this as well? Only I'm going in July and I think the room might be on the unbearable side if there was no A/C all day.

    I'm just trying to mentally prepare for this trip - I'm likely staying at HoJo's regardless of what I learn here, but one wants to be prepared :-)

    Thanks in advance, I know I'm asking the right people!
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    Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

    I have never had child noise problems at the HoJo. It's always been very quiet. Also, the rooms have central A/C, and from my experience, the rooms don't get very hot (the windows are tinted). I'm not sure what time you can drop off your luggage, but you could call 1-800-422-4228 and ask.

    Hope that helps!


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      Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

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        Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

        We returned from our stay at the HoJo two weeks ago and it was okay for a place to sleep and go for a swim mid-day!

        We were in a king room in building two facing the pool area and we didn’t get hear any kid noises at night but we did notice “door banging” (kids opening and closing room doors) pretty early in the morning….ie: 7:30am, we were awake so it didn’t bother us but may to someone who likes to sleep in.

        One day we went back for an afternoon swim and the garden pool was almost under complete shade and was overrun with kids so for us the pool wasn’t enjoyable but we were okay with that.

        There are A/C units in the rooms – at least in ours there was. It was noisy but was okay if you like some white noise ~ it did get cold for us in the middle of the night so I had to get up to turn it off but in July getting too cold may not be an issue.
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          Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

          Hojo's has luggage storage for those who arrive early or need to leave later in the day after checkout. They've even checked my bicycle. I'm pretty sure that's standard practice, because I've gotten similar service at Ramada Maingate.
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            Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

            We stayed at HoJo's just before Christmas, and we thought it was an excellent value for the money.

            We arrived early and the front desk staff put our luggage in a storage room. It was easy and convenient.

            The rooms were very quiet. I was told that many of the old windows have been replaced with new ones that offer excellent sound and temperature insulation. Hopefully you will have the same experience we did.

            We didn't use the A/C, but I imagine the rooms stay cool in the summer with the new windows.


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              Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

              Fabulous! Thanks guys!
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                Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

                Yes, they are great about letting you drop off your stuff if your room isn't ready yet. FYI, there is a HUGE luggage room as DH needed an ECV on our trip and they had it waiting for us in the room. The front desk staff walked me back to get it and even offered to store and charge the ECV each night there but we had a Kids Suite so we just charged it in the kids' room.

                As for noise, we stayed on the first floor of Building 1, RIGHT next to the bank of elevators, the market, and the single door side exit. We also faced the freeway. DH is a very light sleeper. He's the guy who calls the front desk to complain when the upstairs guests stomp on the floor! So he was initially VERY unhappy with me when we first got our suite yet he slept like a baby with the AC on. This was BEFORE they upgraded the windows on the freeway-facing rooms, too.

                I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!
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                  Re: New to HoJo's...what to expect?

                  We've stayed at Ho Jo's several times in the past. We've always liked it just fine. (that's why we keep coming back) We like that the rooms are clean and bright, and there are restaurants close by. You can walk to Disneyland or take the transit system ART. I wish it was just a little closer to the park, but it's do-able. We were going to splurge this time and get a suite, but those are all booked. Boo! (November) We still miss Acapulco Restaurant that was right there many years ago. Hurry up, November!!