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Food Delivery Service around Disneyland


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  • [Other] Food Delivery Service around Disneyland

    Calling all SoCal MiceChatters!!!! Calling all those who have ordered delivery around Disneyland!!!

    We need your input for a food delivery list. If you had food, any type of food, delivered to your hotel and you were mighty impressed with it, please list it here. Would prefer something locally owned rather than a chain but if that chain is only known in California or is really good then go ahead and post. Businesses in Anaheim, Garden Grove, Fullerton and Buena Park come to mind but I am not a local so please use your knowledge of the land.

    It could also be a local business that is within really close walking distance that doesn't deliver but has exceptional food or stays open late, really inexpensive but great, etc. The goal here is to share your local expertise with out-of-towners - kind of like an insider tip.

    With that in mind. . . .

    Please put the following criteria in your post:

    Name of Business
    Phone number (with area code)

    As a nice gesture, a link to Maps or yelp or Trip Advisor would be greatly appreciated.

    I will do my best to keep it organized.

    The brilliant idea was a result of this thread.

    Thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation!!
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    Re: Food Delivery Service around Disneyland

    Indian Food.

    I have tried one location by delivery and know of another that is a walkable distance from many hotels.

    Tandoori Gardens in Anaheim.
    Ph # (714) 533-2288
    Website Tandoori Garden | Indian Food + Buffet | Anaheim California
    Reviews Tandoori Garden - Anaheim, CA

    My experience is of course subjective. It has a minmum delivery amount of $25 not hard to hit but more expensive than getting pizza. Delivery took a while I think about 40 minutes, and wasn't planning so much extra time in the hotel room. I enjoyed the food, my neice and nephew both thought it was "weird" but they ate it just fine.

    The other indian place I know of but have not tried
    Ghandi Palace.
    Ph # (714) 808-6777
    Address 515 W Katella, inside the Ramada Plaza about 150 feet east of Harbor.
    Website Los Angeles Anaheim Gandhi Palace Indian Restaurant Authentic Indian Food and Full Bar Los Angeles LA restaurant Gandhi Palace Southern California-Home
    Reviews Gandhi Palace - Anaheim, CA

    I haven't eaten there but have seen it busy through the windows.
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      Re: Food Delivery Service around Disneyland

      This is great! Thank you!
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        Re: Food Delivery Service around Disneyland

        Pizza! :thumbup:

        Marri's Pizza & Pasta
        1194 W. Katella
        (714) 533-1631
        website: Marris Pizza Restaurant
        TripAdvisor Review: Marri's Pizza & Italian - 64 Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor

        My experience: Great pizza! It is Chicago style thinker crust. We ordered an 18" pizza not knowing if that would feed my husband and I and our two hungry 17 year olds. The pizza was huge and loaded with toppings, we couldnt even eat 2/3 of it. The pizza was only $23.00, plus a tip. Their summer delivery hours are 11am - 12am, which is nice for those who don't start thinking about eating until 10:30p.... haha. They have free delivery to all local hotels, and they have a really large Itallian menu selection..... pizza, soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, seafood, chicken, calizones, and casseroles. They accept cards and cash, no checks. We tipped the delivery guy, and he even thanked us for the tip..... that doesn't happen very often. Really, really great food, I would definately eat there again.



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