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ride schedule anyone?


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  • [Question] ride schedule anyone?

    Good day,

    We have a party of 8 heading out to DL on June 26. We have a Citypass that gives us 3 days in DL (parkhopper), one day in Seaworld and one day at Universal. children are 9 - 17 and taking my mother that has some issues with being on her feet for long periods at a time.

    I am hoping somebody on this site has similar situations and can provide a good ride schedule to save on zig zagging back and forth while still getting the full meal deal with what they have to offer.

    Thank you for any ideas, suggestions, thoughts or advise.

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    Re: ride schedule anyone?

    Enter, got to the left. Work your way around.
    Enter, go straight through Castle, do all Fantasyland attractions first thing in the morning.
    Enter, go to the right. Work your way around.

    There are a few rental scooter places on Harbor Blvd. That might be helpful. Or, have someone take grandma back to the hotel for a few hours. Or, there are benches for taking breathers.
    The Uni and SeaWorld trips won't have the option of taking grandma back to the hotel. Sea World and Uni have a lot of shows, so lots of sitting.


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      Re: ride schedule anyone?

      I would tackle one park at a time. Get there 30 mins before park opening to line up at the gate. DCA I would hit CarsLand first. Rest of park should be easy with short wait times since most people will be in CarsLand. For DL, do same 30 min before park opening line up at gate. Fantasyland first since that will only get busier as the day progresses. Or leave for the last thing at night after the fireworks. Then move around the rest of the park in a circle, usually getting a fast pass for the E-ticket rides can be faster but you would zig zag the park a little.

      Enjoy your vacation!


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