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  • Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate

    I stayed at this hotel a while back, and figured I'd post my thoughts

    Disneyland Hotel | Disneyland Hotels | Hotels in Anaheim near Disneyland

    - Stayed there for 3 nights this past May for $250/night
    - stayed in a penthouse suite that had a living room with sofabed, downstairs bedroom with 2 queen beds + bathroom, and an upstairs loft with a king bed + bathroom... so it will sleep 8 total
    - full kitchen with a full-size fridge, electric range, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and plenty of pantry space

    - roughtly 0.8 miles from hotel entrance to the turnstiles. Walking at a slow pace with strollers and senior citizens, it took us 20 minutes. The consensus from the seniors was that it was about the longest they'd be willing to walk at the end of the day.

    the room:
    - clean & good condition, no complaints about the beds either
    - the upstairs loft gets a little hot unless you turn the AC up, which might leave the people downstairs cold, LOL
    - great for a family of up to 8 if you all like being together all the time
    - because the 2nd "bedroom" is a loft, there isn't a whole lot of privacy. The downstairs bedroom does have doors. You may want to consider suites that have actual bedrooms if your family tend to have loud snorers or people who tend to go to sleep/wake up at different times
    - they do have smaller suites available, as well as a bigger suite with an actual separated 2nd bedroom, but it seems like those are very limited
    - the kitchen was pretty well stocked with everything you'd need to cook basic food... one note: they don't give you dish soap, just a packet of dishwasher detergent, so if you will be constantly needing more plates/utensils multiple times a day, you might want to pick up a small bottle of dish soap so you can have clean plates without running the dishwasher
    - considering our suite sleeps 8, I don't think they gave us enough soap/shampoo, lol. We had 1 each of soap/shampoo/conditioner in each bathroom, would've preferred 2

    the breakfast buffet:
    - very good, IMO... like other all-suite hotels, they give you a HOT breakfast buffet, which is comparable to eating breakfast at a diner... menu varies daily, but every day I went there everything was good... cereal/pastries/bagels/toast, waffle machines, oatmeal, yogurt eggs + obviously coffee/juice/milk was there very day... then they would also have some hot protein + carb there as well (like sausage + biscuits + gravy, or bacon + hashbrowns, etc)
    - I'd say it's a clear step above Homewood Suites and just below Embassy Suites breakfasts (which has a custom egg/omelette station last time I checked)

    facilities & services:
    - the ATM was broken
    - the Disneyland ticket selling desk is pretty handy if you haven't bought tickets... just be sure to check their hours
    - the gym is 3 treadmills + a water cooler... no weights or anything like that
    - didn't go in the pool, but it seemed pretty crowded... seemed like the one at Embassy Suites is bigger
    - the basketball court is pretty cool to have... AFAIK, no other hotel has this in the area
    - they have coin-op washers+dryers if you need them... pretty handy
    - they have cribs available for no charge if you need it... but you have to ask for it at the desk... I requested it on my reservation, but they seemed to ignore it until I asked for it
    - parking seems a bit limited... you may have to park a little farther from your room (not far, maybe 2 minutes walk at most)
    - they have a grocery shopping service, where if you give them a list of stuff to buy, they can get it for you in as little as 24 hours... didn't use it, IMO if you have a car you're better off just driving to Vons/Target yourself

    - there seems to be a lot of vacancy at this hotel, since even when other hotels in the area were completely booked, this one had several vacancies right up to the day before I checked in
    - IMO, if you have a large family of 6-8 people that wants to share 1 room and be walking distance to the park, this is the best choice. If you don't mind driving, I would also consider Embassy Suites. Homewood Suites isn't bad, but it would be my 3rd choice out of the 3 if they were all roughly the same price.

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