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Legoland vs. Knotts on a Sunday


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  • [Question] Legoland vs. Knotts on a Sunday

    I am trying to decide which day to do which park. We are staying at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel August 12-13 before moving on to the Paradise Pier. I plan on doing Knott's one day and Legoland the other. What I can't decide is crowd vs. traffic? Sunday the 12th or Monday the 13th. Should I go to Legoland on Sunday so I don't have to deal with the traffic on a Monday or is there a significant crowd difference on a Monday that would make it worthwhile? OR Should I do Knott's on Monday, so all I have to do is drive down the street to our next hotel when we are done and if we get board at Knott's (two young kids along) we can then go to DLR?

    So many decisions and ways of doing things. Any insight will truly help!

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    I have gone to knotts twice this year and neither times were there a crowd. So anyday is usually good for knotts!


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