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  • Rooms for large family

    Hi All!

    I'm organizing a Disneyland trip, and I'm trying to find the right accommodations for 2 adults and 4 kids, ages 2, 9, 11, and 13.

    Here's what I'm looking for, either;
    3 separate bedrooms, 2 with 2 beds each, 1 with 1 bed or a pull out- BUT all rooms must be separate.


    2 separate bedrooms (1 for the adults and 2 y.o., 1 for the 9 and 11), and the suite connect with an adjoining room for the 13 y.o. My 13 year old REALLY wants her own room. And I know better than to upset a teenager on a vacation.

    Anyone have any suggestions on hotels OR agencies that can help sort this out? Thanks All!!

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    Re: Rooms for large family

    2 hotels that I've stayed at with a group of 6+ (note: all prices are rough estimates, no discounts in effect)

    Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate has 2 rooms that would accommodate you:
    A) 2-bedroom Suite: (~$320/night)
    Bedroom 1: 1 Queen
    Bedroom 2: 2 Queens
    Living Room: Sofabed

    B) Penthouse Suite (~$250/night)
    Bedroom 1: 2 Queens
    Living Room: Sofabed
    Loft: 1 King Bed
    You'd be kind of wasting a bed in this case, since I assume the 13-year-old would want to be in the bedroom that has 2 queens, leaving the sofabed and the king bed for the other 5 people... also, a loft is not the same as a bedroom, obviously, so you'll have to consider that

    note: IMO this is my new go-to hotel for large groups... see my rambling thread about it for specific reasons why

    #2 Homewood Suites
    2-bedroom suite (~$260/night)
    Bedroom 1: 1 Queen
    Bedroom 2: 1 Queen
    Living room: Sofabed

    Stayed here about 5 years ago... perfectly fine hotel, but unless it is much cheaper I'd choose the Residence Inn over this (it's not walking distance, not as much amenities IIRC, and the breakfast buffet is noticeably worse than Residence Inn's)


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      Re: Rooms for large family

      Heyy!! Whenever we travel with 6+ people, we've always stayed at Desert Inn and Suites which is right across from the park. Here is a link to their rooms/suites: Hotels in Anaheim California - Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites ....Not sure if any are what you're looking for, but it looks like they have a 3 bedroom with the "C2 Parlor Family Suite". We've always thought their prices are fairly reasonable.


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