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If you like the Anaheim Plaza Inn....


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    Re: If you like the Anaheim Plaza Inn....

    LOVE staying at the Anaheim Plaza Inn, we rarely ever stay anywhere else!

    Customer service is great and our requests are always met. We didn't have a microwave in our room last trip and the front desk was able to have one sent over.

    The towels and sheets are always clean and plentiful, my only complaint is the carpet in the rooms. I'm big on no shoes inside, although I know other people in the world are not. Just wish the carpet were a little cleaner (but that's my issue cause I'm weird like that).

    The building we usually stay in is 700; It's quiet save for the occasional party, wedding or otherwise, in the hall (only happened once during a stay). Even on those nights the music was off by 11pm- didn't bother us since we never get to sleep until after 12. LOL

    The breakfast is good for the money and the bar is never packed.

    Hope you had a great trip! We're there next weekend and staying at the AP, of course!
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      Re: If you like the Anaheim Plaza Inn....

      Has anyone stayed in both an "upgraded" room (building 700) and also a standard room?

      I had no problem at all with the upgraded, but wonder if its really worth spending the extra money. I love to feel I'm getting the best deal possible.

      Can anyone tell me the difference from experience? Thanks!
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