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Anaheim Plaza Hotel 10-13 thru 10-16


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  • Trip Report Anaheim Plaza Hotel 10-13 thru 10-16

    This is part of my trip report over on the Disneyland board but I thought it might be useful over here too:

    Arrived in Anaheim on Saturday October 13th. Me, my two boys (8 and 5), my parents, my sister, her husband, and their two kids (3yo boy and 1yo girl). We checked into the Anaheim Plaza Hotel. My first time staying there (my sister had been there once before). Initial impression... old (which I knew beforehand) but staff was pleasant enough... room was not particularly spacious but they did honor our request to have adjoining rooms which was nice. Both rooms had the rectangular fridges and one had a microwave. TONS of counter space in the bathroom... separate tub/toilet room... the entry way was a little cramped especially with the adjoining doors open. Requested more towels which arrived promptly and then later more pillows which also arrived promptly. Any staff we dealt with were pleasant. My sister chose the hotel because of its price and location. The grounds are actually quite pleasant to walk around... we were in the 400 building on the ground floor and it was nice to have all the greenery in the breezeways and on the grounds. Large pool which we did not get a chance to use. Basically, the hotel is old. But for us it's just a place to sleep and maybe nap so perfectly sufficient to our needs. The tub drain actually DRAINED (IDK if anyone else ever has a problem with this in hotels) so that was a plus. Shower head old and LOW. I hate ducking down to get my hair wet. As I said, it was cheap... I think 79 for Saturday night and 59 for the subsequent 3 nights.

    Hope this helps someone out there with their planning!
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