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Disneyland --> USH --> Disneyland Transportation


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  • Disneyland --> USH --> Disneyland Transportation

    Hey guys,

    I am going to be flying down from Norcal in a couple weeks, and I noticed that I still had one-day left good for USH from the summer. I am living in the Disneyland Resort area motel/hotel, but I'd like to get to USH without using a car. Can anyone recommend any shuttles/ methods of transportation on getting there? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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    Re: Disneyland --> USH --> Disneyland Transportation

    1. ART bus to Anaheim train station.
    2. Metrolink or Amtrak from Anaheim station to LA Union Station.
    3. Then Metro Red Line to Universal stop.

    ART bus web map.
    Route Map | Anaheim Resort Transportation
    Routes 14 and 15.
    Route 14 is 10 minutes there, 20 minutes back.
    Route 15 is 20 minutes there, 10 minutes back.

    Pacific Surfliner schedule:
    43 minutes

    Coast Starlight schedule (one train per day, each way):,0.pdf
    38 minutes.

    Metrolink Orange County Line (600 series) schedule:
    Orange County Line Schedule | Metrolink
    58 minutes
    Metro Red Line schedule (the 802):
    25 minutes

    Alternative is Metro Bus 460 from DLR to 7th Street/Metro Center. Take up to 2 hours to get to the 7th Street/Metro Center to transfer to Metro Red Line. Flip side: Cheaper. $5 for a day pass, plus "zone fare."
    Metro Bus 460 schedule:
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      Re: Disneyland --> USH --> Disneyland Transportation

      You can go to either Fullerton or Anaheim Metrolink/Amtrak stations. OCTA bus 43 will take you to Fullerton and OCTA bus 50 and 430 will take you to Anaheim, as will ART bus 14 and 15.

      If you choose to visit USH on a weekend, I highly suggest you take the Metrolink as their $10 Weekend pass is valid all weekend on all Metrolink trains and most OCTA, LA METRO, and ART bus and rail lines.

      Also, if you choose to use Metrolink and visit USH on a weekday, your Metrolink ticket is valid on most OCTA, LA METRO, and ART bus and rail lines the entire day.

      To USH:

      You would take Metrolink train to LA Union Station then connect to the Metro Red Line and get off at Universal City Station.


      You would take Metro Redline to either Union Station to connect with Metrolink OR 7th street station and take the 460 back to Anaheim (an additional $1.40 with your Metrolink ticket).

      OCTA: Orange County Transportation Authority
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        Re: Disneyland --> USH --> Disneyland Transportation

        Amtrak will have later trains. Last one out is at 10:10PM. Last Metrolink is 6:30PM.

        The Metro Bus 460 runs pretty late as well. 10:00PM-ish out of Downtown.

        If you're out real late, take Red Line (take the 1:19AM train from Uni) to Blue Line South (take the 1:47AM train from 7th street) to Green Line East (last train at 2:20AM from Blue Line station to Norwalk), then taxi from there. That's 14 miles, so probably pretty expensive.
        Point is: don't miss the cheaper bus/train.


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