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Feb 7 or 8??


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  • Feb 7 or 8??

    I am going to be in Palm Springs Feb 6-9 and want to make a quick 1-day trip to the DL resort. The two days I could go are Thursday Feb 7 or Friday Feb 8. I would prefer to go Friday because its open 9-11 as opposed to 10-8 on Thursday. Do you think that Friday will be busy enough to justify cutting the hours and going on Thursday? Is there anything special going on either of these days that anyone is aware of (cheer conventions, etc)? Thank you for your help!

    Also, I haven't been to DLR since BVS and CL opened, and would like to eat primarily new offerings during my 1 day. Can anyone give me a 3 meal suggestion plan for new DCA food offerings? thanks!

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    Re: Feb 7 or 8??

    Welcome to Micechat.

    If you go on Thursday it won't be crowded and you can get a lot done. If you go on Friday you can get a lot done in the morning, but not as much as crowds move in in the evening. If you want to see Fireworks or World of Color, they will only show on Friday.

    What you may also want to check is the forecast in a few days. It's a gamble but see if rain is more likely on one day than the other. Rain may not sound fun to visit in, but it drives out crowds and can make for an enjoyable day with the right clothing.

    Carthay Circle Restuarant is the hot ticket. Make a reservation, although for Thursday and lunch either day I bet you can walk in with little wait.

    In the Fidler Fifer and Practical Cafe I though the rueben was quite good, the roast and cheddar sandwhich was ok.

    In Flo's V8 I've tried the turkey and strip loin and both were good. They are more homestyle meals, meat plus two. If it's wet this may be a nice place to eat that food. Flo's also serves basic breakfasts.

    At the Paradise Garden Grill I've enjoyed the skewyers.

    If all else fails go to the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain. Order an Earthquake, it will cover all your meal but give you a tummy ache. They do have smaller items as well.
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