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D23 weekend crowd levels and admission policies


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  • [Question] D23 weekend crowd levels and admission policies

    My sister and I were thinking about coming to California from Florida to follow the Tampa Bay Rays to an away game with the Dodgers. She's an employee of the Rays so the only time she will go out to California is when they are playing away and last year we did the Angels so this year she wants to see Dodger stadium. The unfortunate part is the Rays play on August 9-11, the same weekend as the D23 convention. What I was hoping to find out is what the parks are like around D23 time.

    How soon before do they get packed, and how quickly after do they decompress? Also of importance, I've befriended a CM on all my years of visiting as a Premier passholder who was able to last year sign my sister and her friends in to the park for the day. Did the parks suspend CM sign-ins during the previous D23 conventions because of the crowd levels much like they did last year for the Carsland opening? Also of question is do the hotels around the area usually book to capacity or is the convention filled with a lot of locals who don't get rooms in Anaheim at the time?

    If everything looks bleak for normal out-of-towners during the D23 convention we may have to re-schedule for the Angels series, which of course starts the day after Half-Marathon weekend so that could even make that fall-back position pretty miserable too. Thanks to any help you can offer, and a special thanks to any Dodgers or Angels fans for not giving intentionally bad advice to to us loyal Rays fans.
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    Re: D23 weekend crowd levels and admission policies

    D23 is not a bad time to be in the parks. Many of the people at the convention would of been in the parks, many are too tired after the convention to also visit the parks. It's a bit of a wash.

    There are plenty of people who stay in the hotels for the convention and this does make hotels near the convention center busy.

    But that doesn't matter. The days after the Half Marathon in September are a good time to visit. Even Memorial Day weekend isn't bad. You will get mild crowds, longer hours and full entertainment.
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      Re: D23 weekend crowd levels and admission policies

      D23 days shouldn't be too bad during the day, but the evenings you will see an increase in attendance. The best advise would be to go to the park 30 minutes before the main gates open. If you can stay on property, then take advantage of early entry, and you should be all set. I wouldn't worry to much about the expo.

      Have fun!


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